Cybis - ready, set, hire!

Come see for yourself what makes Cybis one of the Top 10 Coolest Companies to work for in Orlando and get an interview out of it!

Cybis is looking for talented and experienced individuals to become part of Team Cybis. If you live in the Central Florida area and have the desire to excel in creative media and event productions, then please join us for this rare opportunity. We will be hosting impromptu interviews on Wednesday, August 6th, from 3-6pm at our Headquarters located in Downtown Orlando.

We will be scouting exclusively for the following *Hot* positions for immediate hire:

  • Creative Producer
  • Technical Producer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Print Designer
  • Live Event Director

Stop by anytime. For location and parking information, go to; and don’t forget to bring your credentials! Please review job descriptions online beforehand.

Please no emails or phone calls.

(August, 2014)

O.C. Tanner Coolest Companies in Orlando

Cybis is keeping things cool this summer and has been recognized by O.C. Tanner as one of the top 10 coolest companies to work for in Orlando.

Living by the motto “work hard, play hard,” Cybis stands out for it’s unique work style. We take our work seriously and make sure to deliver the best product possible. But we also know that there’s always time to wind down, whether it be with a cold one on Beer and Wine Fridays or going on team outings. Hard work never goes unnoticed, and we are proud of the work we do.

Congrats Team Cybis for making us, well, Cybis! You can see the list here.


(July, 2014)

Spring 2014 Season

CYBIS traveled 11,701 miles, made appearances in 9 different cities, produced 13 live events, and had 1 amazing Spring Season! With shows ranging from Las Vegas to Chicago and Seattle to Atlanta, we’ve been reaching audiences all across the country.

We’ve had a variety of productions including press conferences, live awards ceremonies, charity galas, and association events. Our Spring Season kicked off in mid-February as we served up a live press conference for the the James Beard Foundation and brought a taste of the jungle to CNL Financial Group. Along the way we completed operations for the Americas’ Hernia Society and spent time with our friends in DECA and FBLA. We then accelerated to the finish line with the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference.

Our motto: No challenge is too much for us.

With more work comes more opportunities for inspiration and creativity. We brought the mountains indoors at Colorado FBLA; music videos came to life at Georgia FCCLA; and some seemingly flat surfaces sprang to life with super cool 3D effects (no glasses required!) While it’s nice to have had a little “break”, we are eager for our Summer and Fall seasons to take off. There’s plenty more to come!

GA DECA 2014

(June, 2014)

Team Member Highlight - Allen Ellis

Allen Ellis grew up in the small quaint town of Harmony, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Pittsburg. This was a farm town where high speed internet access was non existent, but that didn’t stop Allen from getting into technology and video production. His first exposure to production was when he was 8, when he went on a tour of the local TV Production facility. From then on, he was hooked! When he was 11 years old, his family got a camera for the household, and that brought on Allen’s first project, a Star Wars Fan Film he created with his cousins! He admits it had some pretty cool light saber effects in it. After that, Allen self-taught himself whatever there was to know about the different softwares and programs that were out there, using forums people would post online.

Allen first began to work with Cybis in May of 2011. But his history with Cybis began a while before that. He had first heard about Cybis when he was about 17 years old, and he was browsing opportunities in Orlando through Craigslist, even though he was still living in Pennsylvania. Cybis stood out to Allen because it mentioned on it’s website that it didn’t matter how much experience you had, but how much you wanted to learn; and that was very important to him. He also appreciated how Cybis combined live events with creative media. Allen was so intrigued by Cybis that he emailed Jeff himself, in 2009, letting him know he would be visiting Orlando for a few days and would love to check out Cybis and get a tour. Not at all weird right? To his delight, Jeff said yes! So Allen got his tour of our 1 S. Orange office, and got some great advice from Jeff to take back with him to Pennsylvania. In 2010, Allen decided to move to Orlando, and he joined our Team a year after that. He started off as a freelance Motion Graphics Designer; and what an impression Allen must have made, because 2 months later, he was offered the Full-Time job of Senior Motion Designer!

“When I met Allen, he impressed with me with how much he was already accomplishing on his own. Allen’s passion for the creative industry and eagerness to delve into our technical/show side made him a perfect candidate for joining Cybis. Since then, Clayton and I have fought over his talents…. Would Allen be designing & animating or drafting technical plans or directing a show? It’s a game of tug and war between all divisions of Cybis! In the end, I’m just grateful to have Allen on our team, especially during this important growth period for Cybis. Today he is leading projection mapping one day and drafting our new website the next. Allen is incredible and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the years to come!” - Jeff Douglass

Clearly, Allen has done so much for Cybis and he enjoys getting to be part of all of Cybis’ divisions. Did you know he’s the only Certified TriCaster Operator in Orlando, and is 1 of the 5 certified operators in Florida? Pretty impressive. While he’s a master at setting up TriCaster, his favorite project, well type of project, is projection mapping. He loves that it allows the creative half of his brain to work with the technical half. It challenges everything he knows with motion graphics and animation, and applying all of that with a technical side. He’d love to one day get to create on-site graphics for a national broadcast such as the Oscars and/or to make a creative commercial that would have national exposure. I predict this being an easy goal for Allen to reach in the future!

“I always enjoy Cybis, it’s a lot of challenges wrapped into one and every day is different; that’s what I like most about it.” -Allen Ellis

Well Allen, we always enjoy you! With the challenges you take on and the vision you see to help Cybis continue to grow, you are truly a valued member of the Team, and we are lucky to have you on board!

Allen Highlight

(December, 2013)

One Orlando Leadership Summit

Cybis presents interactive technology at three day conference to engage the region’s top business leaders.

Cybis was proud to introduce a uniquely interactive technology at the 2013 One Orlando Leadership Summit. Participants in the three-day conference were able to use their personal mobile devices to engage with presenters during several scheduled events including panel discussions and interactive experiences at various locations across the region. Business leaders were also able to view custom content, changing in real-time, using the new, interactive system. It’s one of several cutting-edge technologies Cybis is using to keep participants engaged throughout the summit.

Cybis is proud to partner with the Metro Orlando EDC to celebrate the region’s assets, opportunities and the challenges its leaders face in positioning Orlando as a top destination for business. Cybis provided a creative, total show experience for the EDC's One Orlando event with cutting-edge technology, a dynamic projection-mapped stage, rich motion graphics and live-show support. Cybis hopes attendees left enthralled and energized to support Orlando's growth after this one-of-a-kind, invite-only event.

“As a national company based locally, we are honored to be part of the summit that not only showcases our region, but also brings together the brightest minds and influencers within our community,” says Cybis Founder & CEO, Jeff Douglass. “As an Orlando native myself, I’m especially proud to support an event that creates an environment for our leaders to envision a new phase for our region.”

The Orlando summit, intended for regional CEO and senior-level executives, was held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, December 4-6, 2013. Hosted by the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, in partnership with the Central Florida Partnership and Visit Orlando, the summit is intended to allow leaders to see firsthand, the regions assets and opportunities within the context of economic challenges facing the community.

The invitation only event included visits and tours of major regional assets and detailed briefings designed to help attendees understand effective business practices for development. In an effort to engage and encourage a creative environment, Cybis created a fully immersive and sensory experience. This technology allows users to interact, respond and measure participant results in real-time. Anyone in the audience or group could use their own smartphone, tablet or mobile device to interact and stay engaged at every moment of the conference.

“With this event, we seek to showcase the best of Orlando, by communicating and engaging this audience in a way that many of these participants have never seen before,” says Douglass.

Details on the One Orlando Leadership Summit can be found here.

One Orlando

(December, 2013)

Washington DECA 2013 FLC

CYBIS just wrapped up another fantastic show for Washington DECA in Seattle. At this year’s Fall Leadership Conference, Cybis debuted the use of a hot, new audience interaction software. This collaborative platform allowed our audience to engage in the sessions like never before! Students had the power to control what they saw on the screens by voting for what music videos they wanted to hear next. They even had power over our scripts with live polls that carefully matched up to the message being delivered on stage. As results were coming in live, our scripts would be adjusted in real-time to correspond with the results! Students could also express if they were interested in running for state office in the future and were sent candidate information through the software. The best part -- this was all done on the audience’s smart devices! Those that participated in the voting/polls were even chosen to participate in the hypnosis show during the evening Entertainment Session. It was a great kickoff premiere!

With all this modern technology being used for the show, it was only natural that we had a modern logo design to go with it! This year’s theme, Venture, encouraged students that the sky's the limit on what they can accomplish! The logo encompasses 3 sleek circles, following the structure of a thought bubble to get students thinking about their exciting Ventures ahead!

Our stage design, which was developed by our Lighting Director, Martha Carter, embodied the logos 3 circles with gobos and colorful lights all around. It really set the mood to get everyone pumped for an exciting year with WA DECA!

Cybis is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Washington DECA for the next three years! Looking forward to future shows on the west coast!


(November, 2013)

Fall 2013 Hiring Spree

CYBIS is on a mission, and that mission is to hire! We are looking to fill multiple positions in all four of our divisions. With 29 available opportunities, this is our biggest hiring spree yet! We’ve got 2 Full-Time openings, 1 Part-Time, and multiple freelance opportunities available. Full-time Creative Producer being our most eager hire!

All of our job openings, along with their full descriptions, can be found on our Impress-Us Page. Don’t hesitate to apply to any positions you feel you qualify for - there’s no minimum nor maximum to the number of jobs you can apply to! All applications for our *Hot* positions are viewed on a weekly basis, so get those applications in as soon as possible!

We appreciate your interest in Cybis to join our Team of talented and driven individuals!

*Check out all of our available positions here*

Team Cybis

(October, 2013)

Cybis 2013 Senior Team Retreat

Cybis held its first ever company retreat last week where the Senior Team gathered together for 3 days to outline the future of Cybis! Some childhood memories resurfaced when the team camped out at Camp Cedarkirk in Lithia, FL; but this was no place for childsplay!

The Senior Team got deep in discussing Cybis’ action plan for the next 2 years.  Breaking down our mission statement, they established 7 core values for the company and developed goals to meet and execute these values.  They also established individual goals for their role as a Senior Team member to focus on the bigger-picture of the company.  So yeah, no picnic in the park.  

Other focuses during the retreat were discussing the strengths of Team Cybis HQ members, wanting more collaboration/communication within our team, and there was a lot of talk about “Excellence.”  Here at Cybis, we take pride in exceeding expectations in everything we do, and that includes excellence amongst our Team!  

On behalf of all Team Cybis members, we just want to say thank you Senior Team for always putting in your best efforts for the sake of Cybis’ future!

Cybis Retreat
(September, 2013)

Cybis 2013 Promo

CYBIS debuted its new promotional reel at last week’s Visit Orlando’s Annual Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon. The promo was originally drafted out by our very own CEO & Founder, Jeff Douglass. Then Creative Director, Clayton Carter, tuned it out and brought it all to life. The entire Team at HQ got to join in on the promo shoot and had a fun time getting to participate as talent for the reel.

While the intro was fun, the reel itself was even more exciting! We were able to show off all the great things Cybis has to offer, including some of our new work with the Mall at Millenia and Pitbull! Cybis is proud of their work and happy it had the chance to share it with some of Orlando’s top industry leaders!

We may not really have a fulltime hipster, but we really can do it better blindfolded!

Watch our Promo Reel here!  

Behind the Scenes


(August, 2013)

Visit Orlando’s 2013 Annual Marketing Luncheon

CYBIS was proud to be chosen to provide design, technology and production for Visit Orlando’s Annual Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon. This is Cybis’ third time partnering with Visit Orlando!

This year’s logo and theme “Engage” drew inspiration from the fascinating world of Tangrams where different shapes can build upon each other to make larger ones; much like the interconnectivity between Central Florida industries collaborating together to strengthen and expand Orlando’s image.

The 3D stage design brought these tangrams to life with projection mapped animated graphics unfolding and building up into intricate shapes and forms. The onscreen motion-graphic content produced by Cybis, featured sleek and elegant transitions and animations that transformed the mood of the stage and room, as new ideas and insights were presented throughout the show. Colors were in vibrant shades of purple and orange lighting up all across the room, bringing an eye-popping kinetic energy to the stage. Members were Engaged during both sessions, not only with our fun sets, but with all the marketing plans Orlando has in store!

Orlando is the number one most visited destination in the United States and is experiencing one of its greatest expansion periods in history, with 57 million travelers attracted in 2012. The Annual Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon allows member partners to come together to further strengthen the destination’s leadership position in the global travel marketplace.

Cybis is a proud sponsor of Visit Orlando’s Annual Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon. 

VO Engage Stage


(August, 2013)

Team Member Highlight - Kenny Samsel

Kenny Samsel is a man who wears many hats here at Cybis. He joined our Team in February 2007 after going to a UCF Career Fair where he met Jeff Douglass and was introduced to Cybis. He was quickly hired on as the part-time Event Productions Assistant and has since then become a full-time Associate Producer.

A little backstory on Kenny - although born in Japan, he’s spent most of his life here in the Central Florida area, considering himself a true Floridian. He went to UCF and graduated in December 2006, and he worked at a radio station before joining Cybis.

Nowadays, Kenny’s overall job is Associate Producer, but he also gets to play different roles on-site for shows, such as Director, Announcer, and Stage Manager. As producer, Kenny does a lot of work to prepare for a show that’s usually months away. Starting with drafting up proposals, picking out a team, coordinating flights and hotel rooms, scheduling, contacting vendors to coordinate gear rental and of course, creatively finding ways to satisfy our clients needs. And that’s just naming a few things (you’d probably be reading this article all day if we mentioned everything).

While Kenny does enjoy being a producer, his absolute favorite role to play is stage managing! “It’s really cool teaching people (from students to CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies) how to present themselves on a stage. I love being able to see all their stages of improvements, from when they first get a script to when they actually go out on stage. I love helping people enhance their skills.” Kenny loves it so much that he would even Stage Manage full-time if he could. His favorite event he stage managed for was BPA’s 2011 NLC Opening Session which was right next to the Washington Monument. It was our first real outdoor event, and even though it was cold and rainy all day, the atmosphere and excitement from the crowd was like nothing Kenny had ever seen before!

If you want to know more about Kenny on a personal level, here are some key factors about him:

- He married the lovely Kim Samsel February of this year. (She makes amazing Chocolate Chip cookies!)

- He considers Seattle his second home and would move there in a heartbeat (Cybis Pacific Northwest?).

- No matter what, he will ALWAYS be a die hard Orlando Magic fan.

- He’s a wannabe Hipster (his words).

-He has OCD when it comes to clean hands. While he’s not a germaphobe, he likes to have clean, dry hands at all times!

-Another OCD habit, his money bills have to go in order from low to high, and in order of crispness.

- He used to DJ, and actually has a really cool DJ voice!

- Get him a large fountain Coke Zero, and he will love you forever.

Kenny is a major game player on the Cybis Team, and we don’t know what we would do without him! We appreciate everything he does for us and are thankful he is with us!



(August, 2013)

DECA Membership Video

CYBIS has been at it for months planning, shooting, and editing DECA’s 2013-2014 Membership Video. It all started earlier this year when our Creative Director, Clayton Carter, flew out to Anaheim to begin filming students at the DECA International Career Development Conference. Using a Go-Pro camera, we were able to capture behind the scenes footage and see the conference from a member's perspective.

A month later, we were back at it in Atlanta getting more student footage, this time in their natural environment: school. Once we got everything we needed, the Post-Production work started. Kenny Samsel, Associate Producer, begin editing the first draft in July, and the final video was posted live in August! Now everyone can see for themselves how DECA can Make it Count!

Watch the 2013 DECA Membership Video

DECA Membership


(August, 2013)


CYBIS leads the way in new technology with innovation and creativity for their largest audience yet. Cybis is a creative media and event productions company. On June 26, 2013, Cybis debuted their first ever complex projection mapping stage design at the annual National Leadership Conference held by Health Occupations Students of America, for an audience of nearly 8,000 members.

Projection Mapping is an exciting new way to bring content to life on-stage by transforming any surface or object into a projection canvas to create stunning visual effects. Cybis designed and constructed an entirely customized cube-based set, spanning most of the 54 foot stage. The set featured an archway for VIPs to enter, a large area for photos and videos, a 40’ multipurpose floating top lip, and several other supplementary locations to project textures and other content. This production was extremely unique because it required collaboration across all four of the Cybis divisions: Creative, Total Show Management, Scenic and Stage Design, and Event Technology.

For viewers, this massive stage allowed them to become fully absorbed in the message and content of the show, thanks to the highly dynamic and exciting content which Cybis designed from scratch. Sponsor logos, photos, videos and key text were projected on every surface of the set, with customized locations based on where VIPs stood and the camera angles.

"This project challenged our creative team to think of content placement and graphics design in a whole new way,” said Cybis Technical Director, Allen Ellis. “This stage allowed us to use our entire set as a canvas in harmony with lighting to create a powerful experience to engage our viewers," said Ellis.

Cybis has proudly partnered with HOSA since 2007, providing state of the art and cutting edge technology. Using creative media, Cybis has raised HOSA’s national presence, rebranding the organization and producing a full suite of marketing collateral.

“National HOSA is an excellent example of how Cybis is paving the way with new technology,” said Cybis Founder and CEO, Jeff Douglass. “This is only the beginning of the innovation and creativity.” 


(July, 2013)

BPA 2013 NLC “Uncover Your Magic”

Cybis produced Business Professionals of America’s National Leadership Conference last month at the Disney Dolphin Resort near downtown Disney. Students from secondary and post-secondary chapters all over the country gathered as one, to compete for a chance to win national titles and Uncover their Magic!

This year’s theme, “Uncover Your Magic”, allowed Cybis to really bring a lot of vibrant colors and medieval textures to the stage and the graphics.  The logo that was designed mirrors the attractions that make Orlando such a magical place.  From the big hot air balloon that screams Downtown Disney, and a rendition of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle, this was really a perfect fit for the theme. Even the stage had some sparkle with a star lit backdrop and custom made banners that showcased “sigils” from the identity.  Our on-screen graphics were a perfect complement to a castle interior with stone walls.

Another special feature about this project is that we actually met up with the current BPA officers in January to record their magical intro video. Kenny Samsel says, “Serving as the Stage Manager for National BPA, it was really cool working with the officers since the beginning of the year. Not just for on-stage preparation purposes, but to also learn about their personalities, their interactions with one another, and how they operate as students. We took that to our advantage when writing the scripts and planning out the video shoot to make sure that the personalities of the officers was expressed to the audience”.

Team Cybis always has a great time figuring out how to elaborate on identities for live production, and this one just came second nature while being in the most magical place in Orlando to inspire us.

BPA NLC 2013


(June, 2013)

LED Launch at The Mall at Millenia

CYBIS COMMUNICATIONS was chosen by The Mall at Millenia to produce original content for their 12-screen, custom-designed high resolution LED display that serves as the Mall’s entertainment showpiece in Grand Court. The Mall set out to partner with a firm that could push the envelope on creativity and maintain the upscale, elegant, and high-end image that the Mall upholds. Cybis, headquartered in Orlando, FL, was chosen among agencies nationwide to be the creative genius behind this invigorating project. Cybis began developing concepts in October and commenced production in January, developing new video and audio content, exclusive to the Center’s image of sophistication, style, and luxury. The content varies from high-end fashion pieces to fantasy-like motion graphics to playful creative artwork that leaps outside the boundaries of traditional digital artwork. Guests will be transported from the high seas to the depths of outer space, and captivated by beautiful water and smoke forms that bend the very fabric of physics. The screens will also feature the latest fashion trends from the Videofashion Network, showcasing current and dynamic collections and designers from across the globe. Founder & CEO of Cybis Communications, Jeff Douglass, states, “We are extremely proud to be a part of this evolution for The Mall at Millenia.  This project expands our ten-year relationship with The Mall at Millenia and represents the finest work of our immensely talented and committed team.”

Steven Jamieson, General Manager of The Mall of Millenia, states, "The LED screens are truly a focal point and source of energy, often thought of as the heartbeat of the Center. The Forbes Company is committed to delivering the best of technology and creativity for our guests. We enter into this revitalization of the screens with excitement and confidence in the work Cybis is providing."

Cybis’ Creative Director, Clayton Carter, states, “The most exciting thing about this project is that it has challenged our team across countless disciplines to conceive, create, and present stories which are as captivating as they are memorable. The stunning design of these twelve LED screens are a bold complement to the Mall's world-class architecture, and we are proud to be crafting such innovative experiences for their guests. Creating this library of inspiring new content for the Millenia screens is a dream come true for many of us. For years we've walked through the Grand Court and admired the screens' potential for transporting guests to imaginative new worlds. Now we have the opportunity to get hands-on with the screens and bring our dreams to life with new, exciting, artful and enthralling new content that is unlike anything you've seen anywhere else.  We think this new tapestry of unexpected art, fashion and music will be a delight for The Mall at Millenia's guests, and will certainly top off an experience they'll never forget.”

Cybis Communications and The Mall at Millenia have proven to be the perfect duo. No other shopping center in the nation has utilized technology in this unprecedented format, making The Mall at Millenia a clear leader in the industry of high fashion. Cybis’ mission since its beginnings has been to use cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and youthful creativity to make an impact unique and true to their client’s vision. This opportunity has enabled Cybis to exercise their own vision to be a leading creative communications company, admired worldwide for collaboration, innovation, results, and superior value.

The Mall at Millenia is recognized among the world’s most renowned retail destinations. Cybis Communications is poised as the perfect partner to unveil this new chapter and transformation for their next decade of success. The installation of the new LED screens in their Grand Court exemplifies the Mall’s continued investment and commitment to world-class fashion, creativity, innovation, and technology.


Jeff and Allen

(May, 2013)

Pitbull at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

CYBIS paired up with Impulse Creative Group to provide LED content for Pitbull’s performance of “Feel This Moment” featuring Christina Aguilera for the 2013 Billboard Awards. The graphics were bright and lively, with tons of different geometric shapes and even a bit of sparkle. It really made you feel as if you were at a club in Miami with Mr. Worldwide himself. Who could complain about that?

And right when you think it can’t get any better, Pitbull brought us back to the 80’s with a little rendition of the popular song “Take On Me.” The classic sketched out music video that comes to mind when hearing this song was brought on with some modernization and more fun colors.

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards were broadcast live at the Las Vegas MGM Garden Arena on May 19th on ABC. If you missed the performance, it can be found on YouTube for your entertainment (click below).

Watch the Performance


(May, 2013)

Team Member Highlight - Frank Angelcyk

It came as no surprise to Team Cybis at the 2013 Purple Feather Awards when Frank Angelcyk was honored as the Most Valuable Freelancer. As a talented videographer, editor, and storyteller – this man is a triple threat. Frank has been chosen to be our first ever Team Member Highlight to celebrate his last 7 years on our team, and allow you to get a closer look at the man behind the camera! Senior print designer, Georgieanna, sat down with Frank Angelcyk on location in Vail, Colorado to dig a little deeper about what makes Frank.... the Frank we all know and love!

Frank is from Kewanee, a small farm town in northern Illinois. While growing up, he began his videography debut by creating home productions with his dad’s VHS recorder. He quickly fell in love with the craft and enjoyment he felt while shooting, editing, and creating a story. After high school, Frank moved to Orlando and continued his education at Full Sail University.

Frank joined the Team Cybis roster in March 2006, where he joined us at the Georgia FBLA SLC as a camera operator, learning quickly to always stay on his toes. “The first show with Cybis wasn’t easy. I wasn’t expecting the long setup day and short turnaround times, but it has been my experience that Cybis puts the most passion into their work,” Frank explains. “It’s always enjoyable to work with everyone and I love taking on ambitious and challenging projects.” Today, Frank joins us as our Lead Videographer.

For the past few months, Cybis has been flying Frank, who resides in New York City, down to our HQ in Orlando to be the exclusive videographer for one of our biggest projects this year, a huge LED Content launch for The Mall at Millenia. “My favorite projects have been the fashion shoots for the Mall. I really enjoy all of the creativity that goes into it from concept to final product - Each project has a unique challenge of it’s own."

"I love working with Frank! You'll give him your idea for a shot, and he finds a way to make it about ten times more creative and effective," explains Clayton, our creative director who has worked with him since the beginning of Frank's Cybis career. "You can see his mind constantly working things out. It's inspiring to be around, and he's one of the reasons our products are awesome!"

This lucky guy is privileged to be able to combine his other passions for traveling and emerging into foreign cultures along with his work. He has a plethora of strong pieces in his portfolio from corporate events all over the nation... to film documentaries all over the world. He has had opportunities to travel to countries like Chile and Zimbabwe on a variety of freelance projects.

It’s no question how blessed we are to have Frank on our team. While his professional relationship with Cybis continues, he is excited to take his skills to the next level with Team Cybis, while we actively progress to larger scale projects and events.

Frank Jumping

(May, 2013)

Georgia FCCLA - 2013 State Leadership Meeting

CYBIS teamed up with TRI Leadership Resources once again for Georgia FCCLA’s 2013 SLM, bringing traditional comic book style to the “Saving the World... One Leader at a Time!” identity. Inspired by the pages out of “The Amazing Spiderman,” our creative media designer, Jeff Kepler, brought to life a mighty and POW!-erful look for the logo.

Danny Spors, producer for the event, really wanted the students to feel engulfed in the “Saving the World” theme, and developed a superhero trivia pre-show to get them pumped for the Recognition Session. Each member could text their answer in, whether it was for who was a resident of Smallville or what newspaper Peter Parker worked for, and see their results live on-screen. It was really fun to see who knew their stuff!

Larger than life 3D halftone-textured panels made from team member, Liz Long, created an EPIC stage design element, standing at about 16 feet tall when fully constructed. In the center of the stage, we built a grand entrance for the officers by creating a sliding track attached to a truss frame. Danny Spors exclaims, “We were proud to know that we had introduced the first sliding door entrance at a Cybis event! It was impressive to see the door slide open for the first time to reveal the officers in their sharp, red blazers as they stepped out into the spotlight - sometimes striking a superhero pose or two!”


(April, 2013)

Washington DECA – 2013 SCDC

CYBIS brought new heights to the Washington DECA SCDC this year. Continuing the theme “Ascend” from the Western Region Leadership Conference held in the fall, we focused on the beautiful Seattle skyline for our stage design. Using some truss and sweet LED lights, we built our very own city skyline to make the stage really come to life. We even showcased our new, custom built, DECA Diamond that was a great focal point.

Something new and exciting that Cybis added to the conference this year was LIVE Twitter updates during the walk-in for Opening Session, using the hashtag #wascdc. It’s safe to say it was a huge success, as tweets were coming in left and right. Center Screen Director and Twitter feed handler, Michelle Garcia, says, “The Twitter feeds for WA DECA SCDC were insane! There were so many to choose from that I could barely keep up! I could tell the students really enjoyed seeing their tweets up on the big screen. A smile on the students face is a smile on a Cybis face.” Needless to say, Cybis returned to the east coast with another successful show added to the list!

(March, 2013)

CYBIS Expands to New Location

CYBIS is on the move, literally! But have no fear, it’s only a few blocks down the street! We are excited that after 17 years, we are still growing, and that means we need more space. Our new headquarters is located on 36 East Jackson Street, still in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Make sure to update your address books!

With a fabulous rooftop view of the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts and the Grand Bohemian Hotel right around the corner, this is sure to be a hot, new location. During our first week here, we’ve already spotted Justin Bieber and the Detroit Pistons right outside our office! Feel free to stop by and check out the new building! We’d be happy to give you a tour of our spacious 3 floors of fun and creativity.

36 East Jackson

(February, 2013)

CYBIS - Innovators Under 40

CYBIS Communications is proud to announce that our fearless leader, Jeff Douglass, was recognized as an “Innovators Under 40” award recipient! This prestigious honor was coupled with a trip to Tallahassee with an awards reception held at Governor Rick Scott’s mansion. Being surrounded by successful Florida natives at this banquet, it was humbling to know that CYBIS is amongst such indivudals as peers.

We are continuously conquering and stepping up to the plate with new challenges, but it all starts with the right vision that Jeff Douglass has carried and shared with his team members for the past 17 years.

Cheers, Jeff!

Innovators Award with Rick Scott

(February, 2013)

CYBIS Hosts Orientation for New Members

We just recently just hosted our first ever Orientation, and we are happy to say it was a huge success! We started with a nice meet and greet over breakfast at our Magnolia office and then took a field trip over to our new spot on 36 E. Jackson St. There, the new team got to learn everything there is to know about Cybis! Our CEO presented and described the history behind our company’s vision, where we’ve started, and where we're heading to our new team members that joined.

Our Creative Director and Show Management team then took the stage and gave the 411 on what each division does with a look into the process behind our shows and creative genius. All new members got to see the more personal side of Cybis where we have our own special culture, as well as the benefits and opportunities for personal growth within and beyond their roles.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing and diverse addition to our team of talented individuals and we are thrilled for them to join our family! Do you think you might be a perfect fit for Cybis? We’re still hiring! Please check out our available opportunities, and we look forward to the next Orientation we host!

Check out our available opportunities!

(February, 2013)

Pitbull New Years

CYBIS teamed up with Impulse Creative Group to provide world-wide musical performer, Pitbull, with extravagant visual LED graphics, making our very first debut on primetime television during the X Factor finale! The graphics were filled with bright colors, flashing lights, and beautiful women, definitely fitting for Pitbull’s style. Producers of X Factor took advantage of our screen environment by using graceful wide angle JIB camera shots that truly complemented the performance as a whole. It was an amazing collaboration and opportunity for Team Cybis, and it definitely won’t be our last time on primetime television.

Watch Our Primetime Debut

CYBIS also had the pleasure of designing a logo identity for Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve: “What Happens in Miami Never Happened” performance at the nearly sold out American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The logo which was filled with the miami skyline, dancer silhouettes, and even Pitbull’s very own Voli Vodka brand, set the stage for Mr. Worldwide as he riled up the crowd for 2013. The performance was broadcasted LIVE on AXS TV and was seen by thousands of viewers at home. Creative Media Designer at the helm of the identity creation process, Jeff Kepler, shared, “It was an amazing feeling to design something that would be seen by so many people!”

The logo was also accompanied by CYBIS-made LED graphics for Pitbull’s hit song “I Know You Want Me.” Vibrant colors, pulsing geometric lines, and bold typography assisted in making this an unforgettable performance. Team Cybis couldn’t be more proud and cannot wait to work with Impulse Creative Group and Pitbull again to bring viewers more eye candy.

Pitbull New Year's Eve Logo

(January, 2013)

2012 Western Region DECA

CYBIS returns to Orlando after a trip to the west coast where they climbed to an exceptional altitude in Seattle, Washington. Team Cybis produced the DECA Western Region Leadership Conference, lifting the attendees to even greater heights with “Ascend.”

With an identity surrounded by the iconic Space Needle structure, we reflected the skyline upside-down in our design to entice members to appreciate different perspectives, placing that on a vibrant blue and green to communicate the “Emerald City” that Seattle is known for. The attendees for this event traveled from neighboring states, so we chose to create this identity to be all about the location and how inspiring the city can be!

Danny Spors, our Assistant Director and a Minnesota DECA alum, was an essential piece to the team puzzle. He reflected, “Being in control of the graphics on screen was an absolute adrenaline rush and even after hours of hard work and rehearsals, our production team was enthusiastic and enjoying each show just as much as the members of the audience!”

“Pulling off 3 different shows with 3 different feels was an exciting challenge. From a pep rally to a motivational speaker to a hypnotist, our goal was to encompass the same theme into 3 differing styles,” Kenny Samsel, our Associate Producer for the event explains. “I was honored and thankful to have a top notch team that was able to execute these shows with absolute precision.”


(December, 2012)

CYBIS - 2012 Florida Companies to Watch Winner

CYBIS has been recognized as a recipient of the 2012 Florida Companies to WatchSM award, an honor presented by the Florida Economic Gardening Institute (GrowFL). Jeff Douglass, founder and CEO, represented his team at a formal gala hosted by Suntrust Bank and the University of Central Florida at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

During the evening, Cybis was recognized on stage for our outstanding corporate culture. Florida Companies to Watch is an awards program that celebrates privately held second-stage companies headquartered in the state. Awardees are selected for demonstrating the intent and capacity to grow based on employee or sales growth, exceptional entrepreneurial leadership, sustainable competitive advantage, outstanding corporate culture, inspired community giving and other notable strengths.

Watch Governor Rick Scott’s message.

Team Cybis is following through with the employee sales growth efforts and then some, as we just released 26 job openings for hire at the beginning of the year. We are looking to expand not only with new team members, but with a new home as well. We are steadily outgrowing our humble downtown office and are actively searching for a new place to call home! This is an exciting time for Cybis!

Click here to view our job opportunities.
Think WORK. Think PLAY. Think CYBIS.

Cybis - GrowFL Award

(November, 2012)

20 Years of TeamTRI

We propose a toast to TRI Leadership Resources, who celebrates 20 Years of “having fun and making a difference.”

CYBIS has had the immense delight of working alongside TRI Leadership Resources for over half of their company’s life. Together, TeamTRI’s strategic planning, logistics, and training services, along with Cybis’ creative and technical solutions, consistently generate seamless events and engaging experiences for their audiences. The TRI/Cybis yin-yang that emerges remains a recipe for success, time and time again!

Jeff Douglass, Cybis founder & ceo, first met the fellows of TRI Leadership Resources when he participated in the Institute for Leaders program (created by TeamTRI) in 1999. Before long, conversations between Jeff and Ryan Underwood, CEO of TRI, lead to the realization of their common goals in inspiring others and serving non-profit and youth leadership organizations. This year marks twenty years for TRI Leadership Resources and over a decade that we have come together to serve our mutual clients.

Cybis recently presented CEO, Ryan Underwood, with a commemorative award to honor the great individuals that make TRI and the Cybis-TRI partnership so successful. Cybis Creative Director, Clayton Carter, designed a 3-dimensional replica of the TRI logo, forged out of an elegant brushed metal. Though cool to the touch, Ryan Underwood exclaims, “This is HOT!” as he held the plaque in his hands for the first time at its reveal.

CYBIS has partnered with TeamTRI on live events and creative projects for clients such as the Aspen Institute, HOSA Future Health Professionals, White House Summits, and the Helping America’s Youth series hosted by the First Lady, among countless others.

To call it a “partnership” with TeamTRI is an understatement and doesn’t fully illustrate how we feel when we put our heads together with such energetic and inspirational individuals… We think of them as family! We look forward to collaborating with TeamTRI for many years to come.

Ryan and Clayton

TeamTRI and Cybis group photo

(October, 2012)

CYBIS - 2012 Company Announcement

Watch Jeff's webcast to hear the big reveal of the new major divisions of CYBIS announced at Visit Orlando's Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon.

(September, 2012)

Visit Orlando - Connect360 Industry Insights and Marketing Luncheon

CYBIS was proudly selected by Visit Orlando to provide design, technology, and production leadership for their Annual Industry Insights & Marketing Luncheon. As one of the most prestigious local events in our hometown, Cybis was extremely excited to be a key player in VO’s lineup.

Stemming from the idea of having big names in the Travel & Tourism industries all together in one room, Cybis pitched and created the theme - Connect360. The identity designed by Clayton was a dynamic and contemporary approach vibrant with color and motion. Keeping a consistent feel from the identity, the stage design brought the branding to life in a four-dimensional way with a layered, circular structure. Individual lighting techniques on each of the circular pieces gave the illusion that they were floating in midair around the center screen.

The on-screen motion content created for the luncheon was designed with seamless transitions between slides. Jesus Suarez, Cybis’ motion graphics designer, manned this elaborate display. “It was really rewarding to see the animation playing in real time in front of the audience, interacting with the stage design and the presenter,” he says. "The animation was complex but I was able to come up with a good system that allowed me to wrap my head around it and make it work.”

Cybis knew it was time to Connect locally and felt there was no better way to do it than at the event themed “Connect360.” Jeff Douglass took the stage as one of the presenters at this event, taking the opportunity to reveal a very special announcement.

Cybis officially revealed their expansion beyond events and presented the new Cybis Communications Group. CYBIS Creative specializes in design, branding, commercials, motion graphics, and presentations. CYBIS Total Show Management focuses on producing, scriptwriting, stage choreography, webcasting, and interactivity. CYBIS Event Technology’s concentration is in video productions, sound, and lighting. And CYBIS Scenic & Stage produces stage décor, tradeshow booth designs, and fabrication.

Tune in to Visit Orlando’s webcast to hear the big reveal live and to check out all the other wonderful things Orlando has to offer as they Connect360.

Visit Orlando - Connect 360

(August, 2012)

HOSA - 2012 National Leadership Conference

CYBIS is ecstatic to share the triumphs, firsts, and accomplishments of this past week while producing National HOSA’s NLC. At this conference, our stage design concept blossomed from our very own Creative Director, Clayton Carter who thought BIG and contemporary to fit with the theme, “Impact Your Future.”

Together, the team created two giant cubes standing at about 16 feet tall. We utilized a method of 3D projection-mapping to launch our graphics onto these screens. The lighting, perspective, and mastery of the material created a very neat effect of depth and complexity!

Team CYBIS paired up with TRI Leadership Resources for scriptwriting among other things at this event. TeamTRI’s words along with our graphics always makes for a winning combination. “When tackling the 3D screen, I wanted to ensure that the content of the script was ‘brought to life’ on stage. From historical features of Gandhi and Neil Armstrong, to charity highlights of the JDRF, I made sure every aspect of the script was introduced to the set so that the audience had a captivating visual to go along with a motivational speech,” Kenny, our on-site director shares.

We also had a record-breaking number of attendees! Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort seated 7,000 students from around the nation -- all nestled together in the happiest place on earth.

This conference was also extra special for us due to the debut of HOSA’s new brand look that CYBIS Creative designed. It was extremely gratifying to see the attendees sporting the new logo through various media, and even fashioned on a giant blimp buzzing around the room just before the sessions began!

Watch our archive links of the NLC, and don’t miss a beat!

HOSA Brand Look

(July, 2012)

BPA - 2012 National Leadership Conference

CYBIS returns from the Windy City after an intensive national conference produced for Business Professionals of America. With nearly 5,000 attendees traveling from all over the nation on secondary and post-secondary levels, they assembled in Chicago to get their competitive edge on. CYBIS brought the look, atmosphere, and tone that psyched the students up, fueling their energy to compete.

The CYBIS team constructed a larger than life stage design that perfectly illustrated BPA’s identity this year to “reach new heights.” Chase Simonds, the producer of this event, shares with us some of the triumphs along the way:

"We wanted to capture the BIG feeling and excitement that came with our soaring theme and logo; however, the general sessions were were held in a room with very low ceilings. So our creative team brainstormed and chose to construct an observation deck illusion. Inspired by the view from the Willis Tower, we were able to create the entire stage backdrop as a 40 foot wide motion cityscape.”

The whole stage instantly became an observation deck from the 103rd floor. “Both in person and on camera, this scenic projection really gave the room and design a towering feeling that it would have otherwise lacked,” Chase remarks.

CYBIS’ graphics package for this event was also something out of the ordinary! Each officer announced onstage was accompanied by a personal animated graphic presenting their name and title. Cybis utilized video footage of the officers and projected them onto a building in the scene. It really made them appear momentous and left a lasting impression with the crowd.

Team CYBIS is extremely appreciative of BPA’s eagerness to push the envelope to “reach new heights,” and we love the collaboration to soar with them!

BPA NLC 2012 Logo

(May, 2012)

GA FBLA - 2012 State Leadership Conference

Team CYBIS just returned from Atlanta where we produced the 2012 State Leadership Conference, breaking the record for the highest number of attendees Georgia FBLA has ever hosted at an SLC to date. A whopping +3,400 powerful individuals showed up, prepared, pumped, and ready to DIVE right IN to their competitions!

Fashioned with an aquatic and vibrant identity, the "Dive In" theme gave the room an Under the Sea approach with bubbles and splashes in the show graphics. This conference featured our first use of digital signage on our podium and an exclusive center screen design showcasing our onstage motion graphics. "We wanted to create a unique center screen - something to give our audience a fresh experience beyond what they're already used to seeing. To this end we custom-built an array of vinyl cubes in a super-widescreen 11x3 grid, and designed custom graphics to project on it," Allen Ellis, our Senior Motion Designer explains. "The challenge paid off by carefully lighting around the cubes, we produced a beautiful centerpiece that integrated perfectly with the rest of the stage environment."

Allan Nathan, the man behind the stage design of this year's SLC shares a little insight with us on his creative approach. "With the theme being 'Dive In,' I really wanted to do a design with curved truss integrated with flowing, semi-transparent fabric backdropped for layering with our custom beaded 'waterfalls' adding a nice touch as well. When the set behind the fabric was lit, you could see through it to get a sense of depth and beauty."

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Georgia FBLA as we have been for the past 9 years. We look forward to making memories for many more to come!

Georgia FBLA Podium

(April, 2012)

Aric Bostick - Promotional Material

Here at Cybis Communications our relationship with a particular client can only be described as one word... “AWESOME.” We had the pleasure of meeting one of the nation’s finest motivational speakers and success trainers, Aric Bostick, this past year in Washington, D.C. where he took notice of our superb show management skills as well as our creative direction.

Aric was the keynote speaker at the 2011 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference, our first outdoor live event held on the Washington Monument lawn.  Since then our mutual admiration towards each other has brought about many collaborations, such as a promotional video and print material Aric now uses to promote his public speaking talent. Cybis Communications has created an eye-catching postcard mailer and a custom brochure for him to pass out at his many gigs and conferences across the United States. We have also composed a memorable DVD package that includes all four of his promotional videos for his distribution needs.

Our creative staff at Cybis has thoroughly enjoyed joining forces with such an uplifting and influential public speaker who continues to inspire teens and adults from all facets of life. Clients who possess talent as recognizable as Aric Bostick make it enjoyable and easy to successfully promote.

Watch Aric's Promotional Video

Aric Bostick DVD Package

(March, 2012)

Nebraska DECA - 2011 CRLC

CYBIS proudly produced the Central Region Leadership Conference in Omaha, Nebraska last month, trading in our flip flops and sunglasses for winter coats and scarves. While we bundled up for the chilly Omaha weather, we kept our warm spirits and even brought along a few palm trees. 

This year's identity for the CRLC was "WILD About DECA" complete with high contrasted reds and oranges paired with jungle animal graphics. Team Cybis transformed the CenturyLink Center ballroom into a jungle oasis with appearances by some of the Savannah's favorite tenants, (the elephant, lion, giraffe, and gazelle) graphically represented in the high-paced intro.

This was one of our first "all hands on deck" intro that asked for each member of our Creative Team's talents to collaborate and develop something rich and exciting. Clayton and Allen made sure the motion movement and content were top notch, Georgieanna developed and created the animal graphics, and our newest member to the Creative team, Jeff K., designed a strong and visually boosting show graphics package. It was truely exciting to see each member's addition to this show fall into place and complement each other's work so well.

WILD about DECA was a great experience for all of Team Cybis, and we look forward to more production opportunities with Nebraska DECA in the future. 

CRLC 2011 Team Photo

(January, 2012)

National FBLA-PBL - 2011 National Fall
Leadership Conferences

CYBIS proudly produced the 2011 NFLCs this November for National FBLA-PBL. Team Cybis toured the U.S. in three major cities for these events – Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Little Rock! From the liberty bell to le Petite Roche (the actual "Little Rock" on display in Arkansas), Team Cybis successfully executed each production with artistry.

The promotional video we created for FBLA-PBL's conference in San Antonio this summer debuted at each of the NFLC shows this November. The attendees were stirring in their seats with excitement as they watched it for the first time, with great applause as it ended. "It blew my mind to hear the reactions from the crowd, knowing that 1,500 members in three different cities are all going back home to spread the word about San Antonio," Kenny Samsel exclaims, "It's truley awe-inspiring as a producer to witness the first time an attendee watches our videos to observe their initial reaction!"

Check the video out for yourself!
National FBLA-PBL 2011 NFLC Promo Video


FBLA-PBL Logo Identity

(December, 2011)

Washington DECA - 2011 FLC

CYBIS traveled to Bellevue, Washington for the 2011 Washington DECA Fall Leadership Conference to “Inspire” 1500+ student leaders. The conference motivated and encouraged students to strive and reach for success. 

Cybis created an enticing pre-show that included music video voting and DECA trivia questions to interact and engage with the crowd via text messaging. Each member was able to cast their vote and anticipate their results - broadcasted LIVE!

Cybis designed an annual marketing campaign and identity for Washington DECA. "Inspire," helped ignite the encouraging fuel within the WA DECA conference attendees to inspire themselves, and each other. The stage design featured 5 vertical panels with inspirational, famous faces on the covers of a faux-magazine publication titled "Inspire" featuring people such as Oprah, John F. Kennedy, Ichiro Suzuki, and the late Steve Jobs. These were impacting images fashioned throughout the identity and created a very high-impact intro for the event with quotes from these famous people.

Kenny, Cybis' scriptwriter for this show, surveyed the on-stage talent for the sessions about who inspired them the most in their lives, and catered each speaking part to the answer of the question. This resulted in confidently delivered speaking parts. because it was written with their inspirational person in mind and with something they could relate to on a more personal level than what would traditionally be written.

"It was extremely interesting to see all of the diverse answers as to why certain people are inspirations. From the rapper, Drake, to best friends and parents, no two answers were similar," Kenny says. "I was very pleased to share the officers’ message in their own words in order to motivate, encourage, and influence the members of Washington DECA."

Cybis is excited for the success of this year’s Fall Leadership Conference, and looks forward to partnering again with Washington DECA this spring for their SCDC.

WA DECA - Inspire Logo

(November, 2011)

Cybis - Sweet Sixteen Celebrations

CYBIS took our Sweet Sixteen to the streets of downtown Orlando on October 12th, sharing how proud we are as a company, and to do a bit of casual local marketing while we were at it! 

For this "sweet" occasion, Team Cybis split up into four groups and handed out mini funfetti cupcakes, balloons, and thank you cards to passerby during their lunch hour strolls. The cupcakes were fashioned in small takeout boxes easy to carry and enjoy for later, while we demanded immense attention from the public with large bouquets of purple and silver balloons printed with the Cybis logo, decorating our A/V carts. The thank you card had a short little quip of a poem inside that was written and designed by Georgieanna, our Senior Print Designer and creative brain behind the "Sweet 16" marketing concept.

 It was an exciting and successful marketing campaign that grabbed tons of attention from our neighborhood workforce who may not have heard of us before. We like to think of ourselves as "Orlando's Best Kept Secret," but it's time to shout from the rooftops and give our local community a taste of what we're capable of for them, as our clients from coast to coast have now come to expect from us.

 Jeff Douglass, Central Florida native and Cybis Founder & CEO says, "I am proud to work alongside the most talented designers, animators, and event producers -- all who call Orlando home." He also states that, "We hope our Sweet 16 celebration serves as a wake-up call and companies will realize they can hire branding & production services directly, locally, and from a proven leader." 

Thanks for the past 16 years, clients, members of Team Cybis scattered around the nation, and every attendee we've had at our productions who've seen first-hand what we can do! We love our work. And it shows. 

To view photos from our Sweet 16 event, visit our Facebook page, or click here

Sweet 16 - Thank You card

(October, 2011)

Freelance Motion Designer

CYBIS is now accepting applications for a motion graphics artist to assist Cybis Creative in an upcoming project. We are searching for a talented individual that is more than comfortable with After Effects & video editing who is committed to creating exceptional work and having a great time in the process! To join our team for this project, visit

Clayton Carter, Cybis' Creative Director, says, "We really can't wait to open up our doors and team up with other Orlando creatives!"

*Local applicants preferred.

(September, 2011)

National BPA - 2012 NLC Promo Video

CYBIS animates and produces Business Professionals of America's new promotional video for their 2012 National Leadership Conference! Chicago, IL will host next year's NLC in April. The promo video showcases BPA's new identity we've designed and major architecture of Chicago in 3D form, complete with the Willis Tower. Created from a bird's perspective, this video is sure to get the students amped to "reach new heights" and soar as another school year begins!

BPA: Reach New Heights - Promo Video

(August, 2011)

Fall Internships Now Available

CYBIS has announced their TWO Fall internships: Event Productions Internship and Creative Media Internship! We're looking for two dedicated individuals who have the desire to excel and see their ideas implemented on the big stage. If you're ready to be challenged, work with a fun dynamic team and have the chance to travel, apply now. All majors are welcome. Cybis is committed to utilizing and challenging interns to the best of their ability. All applications must be submitted by our "Join-Us" page at

Do you have what it takes?
Think work. Think play. Think Cybis.

(August, 2011)

FBLA-PBL'S 2011 NLC, Orlando

CYBIS just spent the past week and a half producing FBLA-PBL's 2011 National Leadership Conference that was held in our very own backyard of Orlando, Florida! The PBL portion of the event was held at the Hilton Hotel, while the FBLA portion was at the Orange County Convention Center.

With FBLA-PBL's always expanding number of members in their organization, they have now brought the largest number of attendees to this event on record. On registration day, the students of FBLA-PBL made an impact with around 1,800 attendees for the PBL portion of the conference, setting their very own record number, as well as the FBLA section of the organization bringing in over 8,000 attendees! These members traveled nationwide to be a part of this conference, and the enthusiasm in each of their faces during the sessions were extremely uplifting.

"It was exhilarating and satisfying to know that we had a hand in the largest PBL and FBLA crowds ever!" exclaims Kenny Samsel, our associate producer on this event, "Thanks to the talent and support of Team Cybis, we took this challenge headstrong and broke barriers side by side with the thousands who traveled to Orlando."

Clayton, our Creative Director, fashioned yet another amazing intro for this conference using a combination of motion graphics, aeronautical 3D wireframes, and tweaked voiceovers to simulate an actual lift-off complete with a countdown and pre-flight checklist before the "co-pilots" officially launched into the Opening Session of the NLC.

Please make sure to visit to view what happened at the FBLA-PBL Awards of Excellence Program via our archive links of the show.

We also debuted our National Fall Leadership Conference promotional video at this NLC and are eager to announce that the three cities hosting this year are Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Little Rock. We hope Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arkansas are ready for Team Cybis to roll into town in a few short months!


(July, 2011)

HOSA 2011 NLC, Anaheim

CYBIS produced this year's 2011 National Leadership Conference for HOSA in Anaheim, California! The Anaheim Convention Center housed around 6,500 inspiring students from the health organization that traveled from all over the country to attend this extravagant event.

Throughout the conference, all four sessions were broadcasted live via web to ensure that families and friends nationwide were able to tune in and watch as if they were part of the audience themselves!

This conference packed a punch complete with pyrotechnics in the pre-show of the Opening Session, and the intro was highly anticipating. Clayton Carter, our Creative Director, teamed up with Allen Ellis, our Motion Graphics Designer, for this project. They produced a high-energy intro containing motion graphics, typography, green screen video footage, and a number of honeycomb hexagons that told a story of individuals working together towards a common objective.

The stage design really set things off for this conference and we have our very own production designer, Justin Geiger, to thank for that. He constructed and assembled a stage setup that really brought the overall look full hexagon.

"My goal for this stage was to provide an electric and futuristic feel while pulling visual elements from the graphics package." Justin explains, "Hexagons were a featured element in the identity, so I wanted to create a space that framed the stage to coincide with that effect."

Team Cybis is ecstatic to be a part of yet another successful National Leadership Conference, and hope that every student in attendance had a fantastic time during their stay in California.


(June, 2011)

MTV Movie Awards 2011

Cybis was given the opportunity to design motion graphic elements on behalf of upcoming major films at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards that aired on Sunday, June 5th during their "World Exclusive Premiere" segments.

Clayton Carter led this project by designing and developing visual textures that were projected onto multimedia LED screens on stage during the event for new movies like The Green Lantern, Super 8, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

"It was an honor and definitely a pleasure to have a part in such a thrilling, and truly creative event! Armed with only matte paintings and promotional stills from the studios, we were able to bring them to life on screen using some pretty simple, but solid visual effects," Clayton stated. "For Super 8, we rebuilt the movie poster's silhouetted 'skyline' in front of a turbulent dark sky. Paying homage to J.J. Abrams, we added plenty of his signature lens flares to the scene."

From the billowing smoke and electric plasma streams in The Green Lantern to the subtle rays of sunlight peaking through the branches in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Clayton's rich environments created a pleasing and captivating asset to the overall stage design.

"With just over a week to air, Cybis created and delivered dynamic and custom content on a very tight deadline. Limited to only still art of various high profile films, they were able to transform the screens into various dynamic living environments that could be appreciated by both the live audience and viewers at home! " exclaims Jane Mun, Supervising Producer of the MTV Movie Awards, "They were just terrific to work with."

This marks the first time Cybis' work has been featured by a major television network during a live event broadcast to millions of viewers! We anxiously await another occasion to team up with MTV in the future.

2011 MTV Movie Awards

(June, 2011)

National BPA NLC 2011, Washington D.C.

Cybis Communications and Business Professionals of America collaborated and made history while hosting the Opening General Session on the lawn of the Washington Monument! At our first-time outdoor event, Team Cybis exceeded the trials of unexpected weather conditions, while a little rain didn't dampen the students' spirits either.

Three separate venues, complete show management, audiovisual support, and a unique event brand design working cohesively together, ensured that the +5,000 attendees had the time of their lives at this conference.

Clayton Carter, Cybis' Creative Director who just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with the company, constructed an intro video for this conference that really stood out from the rest! The combination of still images, video, and audio of some of the most pivotal speeches held in D.C. history, made this show opener one to remember.

Chase Simonds, our Associate Producer, was thrilled to be a part of this event, "We were excited to provide the audience with a true taste of our nation's Capital by holding the Opening Session on the National Mall, enveloping the crowd with history and iconic D.C. landmarks!"

The 2011 NLC will definitely Stand Out for years to come and we are honored to be a part of something so "monumental."

BPA NLC 2011

(May, 2011)

BizBash Florida Event Style Awards

We are proud to be recognized as finalists for two awards in the upcoming BizBash Florida Event Style Awards. First, Cybis is a finalist for Best Corporate or Association Event Concept (Budget under $50,000) for our work with Visit Orlando's "Synergy: Partnering for Success" Marketing Luncheon in August, 2010.

OCVB Luncheon Logo

Second, we've been recognized for Best Staging and Set Design for our work on HOSA's National Leadership Conference! Our design was inspired by the bright colors and flames represented in the logo we created for the event. The stage decor featured an innovative blend of intelligent lighting and projected motion graphics to create a dynamic and seamless 60' backdrop.

Hosa Stage Design

Founded in 2000, BizBash is the leading trade media for the event industry. They publish magazines and e-newsletters, hosts Websites and produce trade shows and award shows for corporate event and meeting professionals. The BizBash Florida Event Style Awards honor the very best in event creativity, in categories ranging from best non-profit event concept to best new venue. The finalists are selected from a panel of experienced industry professionals.

We are excited to be recognized in these two categories for this year's event! Here at Cybis, we have passion for what we do and it shows in our work and continued success!

(April, 2011)


We are excited and proud to announce that CYBIS COMMUNICATIONS won "TECHNICAL SUPPORT COMPANY OF THE YEAR" at the prestigious Event Solutions Spotlight Awards at the MEET Las Vegas!

Team Cybis attended the Spotlight Awards at the MEET Las Vegas on February, 28th, 2011. Cybis also served as the Multimedia Producer for the awards gala, having created the event's HARMONÍA Logo and developed the motion graphics show opener and finalist presentations.

Thank you for all your votes and your continued support of Cybis Communications! We thank our clients who trust us and challenge us, for making Cybis what it is today.

Harmonia Logo

(March, 2011)

Aspen Institute - Education Innovation Forum & Expo, Washington D.C.

Team Cybis pays a visit to Capitol Hill to provide Presidential quality services for the 2011 Aspen Institute's Education Innovation Forum & Expo. Cybis' creative media and technical support along with TRI Leadership's strategic planning and excellent stage managing services led to a seamless event. Our creative team's implementation of the logo through motion designs, conference signage, and the scenic backdrop fell perfectly in line with the event's purpose of fostering innovation and creative thinking in public education.

Creative educational thinkers and investors from all sectors came together to support and implement solutions. Featured presenters included the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan; White House Domestic Policy Council Director, Melody Barnes; Marc Ecko Enterprises' CEO, Marc Ecko; and many more. With our efforts, we helped The Aspen Institute ignite a national conversation on creating, sustaining, and advancing public education. As one of the leaders in innovative and cutting-edge show technology, Cybis was proud to be a part of such a unique, game-changing event.

Aspen Institute

(February, 2011)

Hiring Full-Time Technical Director

The Technical Director will lead technical operations on show-site and acquire production equipment and technology for live events. The selected individual will provide great value to Cybis and have tremendous growth potential paralleling our company's expansion. If you've ever considered running your own technical a/v company and have the drive to succeed, apply now! Join-us and let's provide exceptional total show management together!

Apply online at

Think work. Think play. Think Cybis.

(February, 2011)

Jeff's Message

Watch a short video memo from Founder & Executive Producer, Jeff Douglass, as CYBIS kicks off their marketing efforts in their hometown of Orlando.

Watch Jeff's Message.

(January, 2011)

Kidney Ball, Washington D.C.

Cybis proudly provided show production support at the 2010 Kidney Ball where Natalie Cole and her orchestra entertained more than 1,000 of Washington, D.C.'s business and community leaders, in addition to patients and their families. The 30th Annual Kidney Ball consisted of a reception, gourmet dining, dancing, and live and silent auctions; supporting research, early detections screening for those at risk, professional and public education, and organ donation awareness. Cybis is honored to have been a part of one of the largest and most prestigious charity balls in Washington, D.C. Each year, approximately $1million is raised through this event, produced by the National Kidney Foundation.

Kidney Ball Picture

(December, 2010)


Cybis Communications travelled to Des Moines, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. to produce FBLA-PBL's National Fall Leadership Conferences. Cybis helped over 5,000 students "Break Barriers" through their interactive shows and captivating designs. New Orleans' high attendance even brought a new challenge for Cybis – the show was split between two rooms and interacted with each other in order to keep all attendees interested.

These events consisted of motivational general sessions, enticing keynote speakers, professional development and career planning workshops. This year's theme of "Breaking Barriers" will carry on to FBLA-PBL's National Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL in June. Cybis is looking forward to hosting the general sessions for this national 8 day event!

FBLA Breaking Barriers Logo

(November, 2010)

Spring Internships Now Available

CYBIS has announced their THREE Spring internships: Sales-Marketing Internship, Event Productions Internship, and Creative Media Internship! We're looking for three dedicated individuals who have the desire to excel and see their ideas implemented on the big stage. If you're ready to be challenged, work with a fun dynamic team and have the chance to travel, apply now. All majors are welcome. Cybis is committed to utilizing and challenging interns to the best of their ability. All applications must be submitted through Do you have what it takes?
Think work. Think play. Think Cybis.

(December, 2010)

LEGOLAND Florida Press Event

Cybis Communications teams with Merlin Entertainments Group and LEGOLAND Florida for their "Hard Hat Media Press Event", unveiling details for the parks launch in Fall 2011. This unique opportunity to partner with LEGOLAND Florida enables Cybis to flex its creative muscle creating a unique environment for nearly 200 media and local dignitaries, in a construction zone, while maintaining the LEGOLAND branded themes. We look forward to building a mutually rewarding relationship with LEGOLAND, the newest addition to Central Florida Theme Parks.

Legoland Logo

(October, 2010)

WA DECA 2010

Cybis Communications will be traveling cross-country to Bellevue, Washington and collaborating with Washington DECA to put on this year's Fall Leadership Conference. After completing an epic Odyssey in 2009, Washington DECA: Synergy promises to be energetic and filled with life!

The students are all working together to help motivate each other to achieve greater goals; and Cybis is playing a part in this "synergism" by working with WA DECA to bring life to the 2010 FLC! This inspiring event will consist of guest speakers, a hypnotist, and an exceptional keynote. Cybis' interactive technology and creative designs produced a bright and enthusiastic theme that reflects the energy and motion that results when DECA members combine talents.

Cybis is excited to head back to Bellevue and work with the nearly 2,000 students and advisors of WA DECA to "synergize" our creativity and their education to produce another amazing show. Cybis has partnered with Washington DECA for 12 major state events in the past eight years!

Synergy Logo

(September, 2010)

Orlando / Orange County CVB

CYBIS Communications was awarded the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.'s (Orlando/Orange County CVB) annual 2010 Sales and Marketing Luncheon - the largest event held by the Orlando/Orange County CVB each year!

Through visual enhancements and background elements, CYBIS creatively set the stage to unveil the organization's sales and marketing plans, along with creative concepts for 2011 at The Orange County Convention Center on August 20, 2010. Included in the more than 700 attendees were the association's membership, community leaders, and local media. The mission of the Orlando/Orange County CVB is to market the Metro Orlando area worldwide as a premier leisure, convention and business destination for the continual economic benefit of the community.

For this year's luncheon, CYBIS created an environment based around their branded message, "Synergy: Partnering for Success." Since 2007 CYBIS has been a proud member of the Orlando/Orange County CVB and we were excited to extend that relationship as a partner by offering to become a stage/luncheon sponsor. As an Orlando based company, providing creative media and event production for shows nationally, CYBIS was honored to have the opportunity to work with the Orlando/Orange County CVB, in our very own backyard.

This is what Julie Jacobs, the Events Manager at the Orlando/Orange County CVB, had to say about the event, "I am fortunate to have worked with excellent a/v partners throughout my career. For the Orlando CVB's 2010 Annual Marketing Event Cybis Communications exceeded our expectations by really understanding our brand message and taking it to the next level with its total show management. We also benefited from the personalized support which raised the bar for our productions. Your team's attention to detail and commitment to service made for a seamless and brilliant program. Because of Cybis' contribution, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our event attendees."

OCVB Synergy Picture

(August, 2010)

Freelance Creative Team

For the first time ever, CYBIS is accepting applications for people to join our freelance creative team. This exciting new opportunity represents our commitment to always providing the best among all creative disciplines. We’ll be accepting motion graphics designers, flash designers, photographers, print artists and more. To join our team in a freelance capacity and support upcoming Cybis productions, visit

(September, 2010)

HOSA Future Health Professionals

For the 4th year in a row, Cybis Communications will be producing HOSA's Annual National Leadership Conference at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL. This is one of the few conferences that Cybis produces in its very own hometown. This year's NLC is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet with nearly 7,000 students coming together to grow as healthcare professionals.

Since 2009, Cybis has partnered with HOSA to promote the organization and develop its image as the important single connection between students and the healthcare industry. The yearlong classroom experience culminates at the National Leadership Conference where Cybis produces an unforgettable, inspirational event designed to continue promoting the bright future of the health industry.

Our creative team developed a campaign featuring posters that could be distributed to schools, administrations, medical organizations and health-related corporations. The single purpose is to represent HOSA as the link to "Future Health Professionals."

The annual logo combines fiery textures and strong, modern type to represent HOSA and its members. The flames at the logo's core are sure to ignite these "Future Health Professionals." With Cybis' careful execution of production, creativity of the design team, and partnership with TRI Leadership for show scripting and leadership & stage coaching, this show is bound to exceed expectations. Get fired up as we prepare to reveal HOSA's Future Health Professionals at the 2010 National Leadership Conference!

HOSA 2010 Logo

(July, 2010)

Shoot For Success

May 5 - Cybis Communications made their way to Anaheim, California to produce the 2010 BPA National Leadership Conference! Through graphics, stage, and scripts, Cybis turned the BPA NLC at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena into a dazzling red carpet event! They aided over 6,000 members across the nation to “Shoot for Success.” It was all about the glitz and glamour this year. From red carpet entrances to velvet curtains, Cybis did it all. The graphics and stage design combined classic Hollywood with a splash of bling. Cybis’s attention to detail and youthful creativity helped build a complete identity that truly expressed the client’s vision. The team’s passion and enthusiasm helped deliver an amazing show like no other. Hollywood had nothing on this year’s National Leadership Conference.

According to Chase Simonds, the Associate Producer, "This show was rewarding to work on because we were able to bring the big Hollywood Awards feel to thousands of deserving students, making them the star of their own show. You could see their excitement as they were walking down the red carpet where we were actually doing a live broadcast before the main show began. I think it is all about providing the audience the best experience in an event and it was great to be able to deliver that."

(May, 2010)

Blue Man Group

Orlando, FL – Cybis Communications partners with the wildly popular Blue Man Group. This time, creative media meets music and comedy and Cybis captured the exhilarating footage at their first-ever performance with a college band, kicking off their new educational programs for youth bands. The Blue Man creative organization has a commitment to children and the community and we are proud to support their efforts.

As a special thank you from the Blue Man Group, Team Cybis was invited to get a first-hand look at their unique show at the Sharp AQUOS Theatre at Universal Studios Orlando.

(February, 2010)

127 N. Magnolia Ave

Cybis is expanding! With all the advances and exciting new things Cybis has in store, it is time for a new, bigger, better space. Next month, Cybis will move to 127 N. Magnolia Ave in Downtown Orlando, adjacent to the new Dynetech Centre. It’s a place where creative minds merge and technological advances bring greater results.

Cybis’ exciting new expansions aren’t over yet. Cybis is ready to develop, advance, and explore new projects. To help with this mission, Cybis welcomes Suzanne Mercado, their new Director of Business Development! Suzanne will lead Cybis' exploration into new business opportunities along with helping build fresh, lasting relationships. Suzanne Mercado can be contacted at or at 1.888.thinkcybis x730.

(February, 2010)


Cybis Communications announces its partnering with Pennsylvania FBLA to produce their 59th Annual State Leadership Conference in April! Cybis will be providing creative media and audiovisual staging services for FBLA’s conference held at the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center. This event brings together over 3,000 top high school students from across the state to compete in events and attend some of the best business workshops.

This is another great accomplishment for Cybis, who already partners with National FBLA-PBL, Georgia FBLA, Colorado FBLA, and Florida FBLA-PBL’s leadership conferences. Cybis is extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to motivate young leaders to be “Simply the Best” through means of creative media and content and overall conference identity. Cybis’ team members are excited to deliver creativity and new technological developments with strong passion.

(February 2010)

Team Cybis Seeking New Large-Scale Production for 2010

Imagine a company that could become your partner in dreaming and executing a live event or broadcast production. Cybis is a creative media & event company committed to developing & creating its own major production, or serving as the producing partner for your project.

The ideal project would be a broadcast awards ceremony, game show or reality show. It could be a production designed for thousands in the live audience and or millions on broadcast television or Internet.

If you have a concept and would like to partner with an extraordinarily talented design and production team, please contact Founder and Executive Producer, Jeff Douglass, immediately at 1.888.thinkcybis x720.

(February, 2010)

Non-Profit Matching Program

Orlando, FL, December 2009 - This summer, Cybis Communications announced its non-profit matching program, encouraging its employees to give back to the charity of their choice. With the program, Cybis strives to recognize and support the important work of non-profit organizations, while boosting company morale and giving employees the opportunity of flexible giving. This program propels Cybis to be as good of a citizen as the people on their team, while making an impact on not just the Orlando community, but communities nationwide.

Cybis is now matching any charitable contributions made by active Cybis team members to a good non-profit cause. UNICEF, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, and the UCF Honors College Foundation were some of the first organizations to get a donation from Team Cybis. “We are very excited about the new matching funds program that will be offered by Cybis,” said Molly Greenway, Assistant Producer. “We feel confident that we will be able to rally the company in support of this program by showing them the significant impact their dollars will make in the lives of children, families, pets, and any other cause nationwide.”

The holiday season is a time to celebrate the joy of giving and Team Cybis is doing just that. Cybis has made giving back to the community a priority during the holidays, in order to help families who can’t afford a warm meal or children who don’t have any toys to play with on Christmas morning. Cybis recognizes how lucky the company and all of the employees are and wants to spread this good fortune to others, especially during the holidays.

As Cybis Communications steps into the new year, they are hoping to make 2010 an even more successful year with the contributions of the non-profit matching program.

(December, 2009)

Cybis Earns CO FBLA

Orlando, FL, December 2009 – Cybis Communications announced that they have signed an agreement with Colorado FBLA to provide creative media and event production services for their upcoming spring leadership conference in April 2010. The annual event is held in Vail at the Dobson Ice Arena and brings together over 2,000 top high-school students from across the state.

This is another great milestone for Cybis, which already partners with National FBLA-PBL, Georgia FBLA, Pennsylvania FBLA, and Florida FBLA-PBL for their leadership conferences. Team Cybis is excited to gain this opportunity to inspire young members from across the country through means of media, creative content, and overall conference identity.

Colorado FBLA selected Cybis not only for scripting, staging, graphic design, and total show management, but for the passion behind the people that make it happen. Consistently pushing the boundaries, Cybis team members deliver creativity and new technological developments with strong enthusiasm.

Cybis is already gearing up for an amazing conference and is excited to introduce the new face of event production to Colorado FBLA.

(December, 2009)

Washington DECA

Bellevue, WA, October 2009 - Team Cybis traveled cross country last week to ensure another superb show for Washington DECA. Cybis Communications continuously strives to deliver cutting edge shows, and this conference proved unique by adding an interactive feature to the event that would connect with the audience in a new way.

Cybis integrated text messaging into the shows in order to interact with the WA DECA students, let their voices be heard, and relay the students’ opinions to hundreds of other members. With text messages competing with actual phone calls these days, the growing form of communication seemed like a perfect fit for the demographic that uses it most – teenagers. By adding a texting portion to the show it allowed the WA DECA members to interact and, in essence, choose their own program. As the members entered the venue their eyes were drawn to the screen where the graphics perfectly outlined how to get involved in texting. A simple text with their vote allowed the audience to choose the next music video played, and ultimately decide if rock, rap, or pop would be booming from the speakers. To even further the “choose your own adventure” texting feature, Cybis incorporated poll questions into the show that let the audience vote on such things as their favorite sports team and what they wanted to study in college.

Chase Simonds, Cybis Associate Producer, was on-board with this idea from the beginning and said, “The integration of real-time text messaging into the sessions really excited the crowd. It was great to see nearly every audience member in the room pull out a cell phone to interact with questions asked on screen during the session!”

The responses from the attendees not only got the entire audience involved, but it influenced the show script and led to a more engaging experience. Our production team was able to capture the real-time reactions of the audience members and therefore deliver a presentation that was customized to the WA DECA audience. The texting allowed the viewers to feel like they had a say in the show’s content while comparing their responses to those of their peers. The viewers quickly turned into show participants, which allowed for a heightened energy and excitement throughout the room.

Cybis is proud to continue using advanced technology in a way that helps entertain and inspire an audience. The overwhelming positive response means that Cybis will continue expanding on this interactive and dynamic show model at its upcoming events.

(October, 2009)

Georgia FBLA

Cybis is thrilled to announce that we will continue supporting Georgia FBLA by providing their conferences with our full-service creative design and show technology. This means that Team Cybis will return to Atlanta for the Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference, for our 8th year in 2010!

We have been busy designing new and fresh marketing materials to encompass their theme: Georgia FBLA – Leadership Unleashed. As our creative team designs original posters, brochures and post cards, our production team is thinking of exciting new ways to bring the stage and show to life.

The theme is bold and powerful, elevating the impact Georgia FBLA has in providing an unstoppable force of great leadership. Think surging passion and raging forces of leadership that are locked behind a steel gate, ready to be unleashed at any moment. This heavy metal gate is the only thing that exists between a world with leadership and a world without. Steel blues, fiery reds, and deep silvers set the scene for an explosive identity that emphasizes the energy of Georgia FBLA and its members.

As the gate rattles and shakes with the business leaders straining to burst through, Cybis prepares the audience for a great adventure in Leadership Unleashed. The students are ready to set free their leadership skills and Cybis is equipped to boost them to success with our creativity, production and audiovisual presence. Let the explosion begin.

(August, 2009)

Grubb & Ellis

Team Cybis produced inspiring series for Grubb & Ellis' newly re-designed identity. Subtle 3D, seamless compositing, and graceful transitions left our clients speechless!.

To watch our video, please click here

(May, 2009)

Cybis heads to Kansas City for the 2008 DECA CRLC!

Cybis was selected to produce the 2008 DECA Central Region Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. This event brought together members from over 10 states in the Central Region for the premiere of DECA HD!

Missouri DECA, this year's CRLC host, chose Cybis because of our complete investment into the conference with a "whatever it takes" philosophy to make it great! They appreciate our desire to give the members the best show possible.

Cybis proudly created the theme, logo, original branding, scripts and stage design for this one-of-a-kind event!

(November, 2008)

Cybis travels to Washington, DC for the White House Summit on International Development

In cooperation with long-time logistics partner, TRI Leadership, Cybis produced our ninth event with the White House, the White House Summit on International Development. The Summit spotlighted the successes and challeges of international development, and what the United States has done to administer aid to countries all over the world. This high-profile event featured national and international presenters and panelists and had over 500 attendees. Speakers included President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, President of Liberia Ellen Johnson, Sir Bob Geldof and many more international leaders.

Cybis proudly provided the full-service creative design and show technology for this event, including all original branding and stage decor.

President Bush on stage at the White House Summit on International Development on October 21, 2008.

(October, 2008)

Cybis goes to Washington D.C. to help produce The Aspen Institute's National Education Summit

On September 15, Cybis will join TRI Leadership Resources to produce The Aspen Institute's National Education Summit. The event will host more than 300 national education leaders in Washington D.C. This important event will feature Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, and many more national leaders as they discuss reform and policy direction for the education in our country.

Cybis served this event by creating the identity, designing the stage decor and print collateral, and providing audio-visual support for all the main sessions. Cybis is proud to continue working with TRI Leadership Resources on the national stage.

(September, 2008)