Cybis was the first to debut a state-of-the-art audience interaction system for 1,600+ high school students at this year’s Fall Leadership Conference!

At Cybis it’s all about the audience experience. As over 1,600 high school students gathered for Washington DECA’s Fall Leadership Conference, we didn’t ask for phones to be turned off. We made mobile part of the story.

Encompassing the year’s conference theme, Venture, Cybis traveled beyond the borders of traditional technology to debut an exciting, interactive software that attendees were able to download to their personal mobile devices. Using a state-of-the-art app, students had the ability to control what they saw and heard next by voting and participating in live polls. As answers were swarming in live, the scripts were adjusted in real-time to correspond with the audience results. Those who were most active using the app were even granted an exciting opportunity to participate in the hypnosis show that was a part of the conference’s entertainment session. Attendees were also able to access exclusive content only available on a mobile device.

Just as leaders should, they had the power to change what lay before them and truly venture above and beyond.

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