In today’s high school environment, being career-focused, college-ready, and passionate is the cool thing to do. To help National HOSA increase awareness, drive membership, and continue to position its brand as the varsity starter squad of future health professionals, we developed the “It Looks Good On You” campaign.
We used our insight into HOSA’s history and brand identity to guide our brainstorming process. We worked to narrow down to something that’s relatable and current, but that will also last a long time.
Within these creative boundaries, we created a modern healthcare hero alter ego. The final designs show high-quality images of familiar student life (high school lockers, surfing and studying), while the other half shows a glimpse of an empowering future: scrubs and a stethoscope, a nurse’s face mask. There’s no better way to inspire future HOSA members to picture themselves in a future healthcare career.

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