We know how powerful an atypical event space can be. That’s why we do whatever it takes to embrace and build around unique venues to transform them into breathtaking live show spaces.

When we flew in to support TRI Leadership Resources’ Preserve America Summit at the historical U.S. Custom House, this one-of-a-kind New Orleans venue was still recovering from recent Hurricane Katrina damage. The city was just getting on its feet again, and while the incredible, distinctive architectural style of this venue was visually stunning, it wasn’t meant to be an event space.

With reconstruction just beginning, utility services unreliable, and literally holes in the floor, this special space was worth every effort to transform and make suitable for the First Lady.-Jeff Douglass, Executive Producer

Yet, we simply knew that the event had to be in this unique space. And that meant we had to get creative. We got to work knowing we had to make this old-world venue suit our new-world technology.

To work around the massive columns that peppered the event floor, we brought in risers to create a raised seating areas for several hundred people. We used photos and measurements to create a 3D rendering of the room to guarantee that every seat in the house could see the projection screens — which we adjusted and flipped vertically to suit the space, as well. To ensure the safety of every participant, we coordinated with a structural engineer to certify that the room would be able to hold the weight of the risers, participants, and equipment.

The result: A stunning event and not a bad seat in the house!

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