We inspire, influence, and entertain audiences by creating thoughtful, purpose-driven, and unified visual and live experiences.

Welcome to Cybis Productions!

I've waited 28 years for you to stop by. That's how long ago I attended my first motivational & awards session as a freshman in high school. The giant video screens, the crazy lights, the bass… it was so cool and life-changing! This was the moment I thought to myself, "I want to produce this… and I think I can make it better!"
And that is how Cybis was born.
Decades later, I still get chills thinking about day zero of what's become my life & passion – making a/v productions cool & inspiring.  

And we had ambitions, oh boy, did we ever! Our small team from the early 2000's thought, "We can do anything," and we certainly tried! It wasn't unusual in those days to finish our setup at 5 am, rush back to the hotel, fall asleep in the shower, only to quickly awake, don a business suit, and begin production the next day. That was perhaps the norm, not the exception!

But YOU have arrived at just the right time.
2022 was arguably the most revolutionary year ever for Cybis. We've refocused exclusively on live event productions & audiovisuals. Our team now collaborates from around the world, and we've tripled our inventory of industry-leading event technology! We are fast approaching the milestone of inspiring 2 million cumulative people in our live audiences!

It may sound cliché, but when you contact Cybis, you'll realize you suddenly have a friend in the business. We respond quickly to emails and phone calls (within hours, not days), and this doesn't change after we contract together! In fact, everybody knows my cell phone, and I'm available anytime.

Take a look at our services, our work, our history, and our team - and you'll see why our client list goes back for years and years. We're committed to our service, and we fully expect to work together indefinitely.

If you're ready to take your event to the next level, all you gotta do is say hello to Cybis!

Jeff Douglass

Founder & Executive Producer
P.S. Oh yeah, and this is what we do…We deliver red-carpet treatment, award-winning creative media, and total show management. Team Cybis delivers broadcast-level motion graphics and inspirational live events featuring cutting-edge technology.

The producers of Cybis lead live events nationwide, with audiences ranging from a couple hundred to over 10,000. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, White House events, student leadership organizations, fashion labels, and many more.






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