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Cybis Event Technology provides state-of-the-art sound, lights, cameras, projection, audience interaction, and connectivity to end clients for all sorts of productions: general sessions, annual meetings, awards ceremonies & MORE! 

Video Projection & LED

From two to 24 screens, high-powered video projection equipment, or LED panels, we are fanatics about providing a visual experience that gives every audience member a near-front row experience. Cybis Event Technology uses high-definition projectors, monitors, and LED displays that will best present the intense expressions on your CEO or keynote, the sense of victory in your award winners, or the detail of your custom show graphics.

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Cybis Event Technology goes beyond traditional lighting to offer the best and brightest for your upcoming event. We offer a full suite of intelligent and LED lighting fixtures to fit your production needs. Our engineers are experienced in providing designs for broadcast stage environments, large-scale concerts, and intimate theatrical experiences.

Work with an ambitious Cybis lighting designer, and you'll maximize the potential of your lighting rig, transforming any space into a memorable environment. Whether you seek rock and roll, elegant charm, or artistic beauty, we'll light the way!

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Beyond just sound amplification, the aural experience provided by Cybis Event Technology is designed to evoke powerful emotions. Audio is provided by industry-leading manufacturers, including Yamaha, Shure, and RCF, and is suitable for exhibit halls, grand ballrooms, theaters, and outdoors spaces. Our high-end systems ensure that audience members capture every word of your presentation or note of your concert. Our audio engineers are trained to handle all types of equipment and situations and can provide helpful solutions based on the needs of your event.

To set the mood for your production, our team of audio directors & DJs can provide a full suite of carefully selected tracks for your pre-show, live-show, and post-show needs. Whether the mood requires triumphant anthems, suspenseful rhythms, or heart-warming tunes, our team will find the perfect playlist to enhance the occasion.

Cameras & Switching

We believe that, in many cases, the best way to produce a "six-camera" show is to actually provide three cameras and a highly-talented director and team who all understand how to best capture and switch live programming! We recommend our state-of-the-art, high-definition, Sony broadcast-quality cameras. In addition, Cybis Event Technology offers robotic cameras for angles from discreet or unique locations.

We provide high-end video switchers, including our favorite, the Tricaster Elite. Our fully-upgraded Tricasters are complete, integrated solutions for delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD. With a fully loaded, 24-channel switcher, eight-source ISO recording, and the world's most powerful integrated effects system, the Tricaster is one of the most capable live switchers on the market.

Live Webcast

When your audience reaches beyond the ballroom or boardroom, a live Internet broadcast may be just what your organization needs. Share presentations with team members from around the country. Share special awards moments with friends and family across the globe. And do it all in real-time - online.

With Cybis, it's easy to add Internet streaming to your production. We manage the Internet bandwidth, video compression, and streaming media hosting. You simply provide your employees or members the web address or add a link to your home page. Additionally, we offer archived Internet broadcasting, allowing people to access your presentations for weeks or months after the event.

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Audience Response

Improve attentiveness and learning, engage the audience, and gather personal or critical data with an audience response system for your next meeting or conference. Cybis Event Technology offers proprietary audience response systems (ARS), SMS short codes, text-message interactivity, and mobile application integration.

The ARS will allow your presenter to interact with the audience by receiving instant feedback via wireless handheld clickers the size of a credit card. By utilizing text messaging or mobile applications, event organizers can save by allowing participants to use their smartphones or cell phones.

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