January 10, 2024

Sales coordinators may suggest the in-house vendor is “more comfortable because they know the space”… but just because they are in-house doesn’t mean they have some exceptional wisdom on how to layout your room or execute your custom event. In fact, experienced production teams know that every ballroom in every venue is nearly the same. In-house AV companies tend to incentivize clients with discounted exclusive services like power and rigging, but the inflated costs for AV typically far exceed this value. Many times, a fresh perspective, our 3D-diagramming, and experience with all types of spaces will add more to your project than the folks who often prefer to do the same thing every time.

Total Show Management:
Consider the value of total show management companies like Cybis, as we are primary experts in everything from show graphics, to scriptwriting, to choreography. In-house AV companies may be able to dabble in these services but cannot deliver the same fully integrated experience.

Did you know that in-house AV companies are required to pay the hotel as much as 40-50% of their revenue? That generally means your price will be higher to make up the difference. Then you need to have someone operate the equipment… in-house AV companies employ many full-time techs who get an hourly rate to do a variety of jobs every day. You may end up with an Audio Engineer, one of the most critical roles for your general session, who is overworked and underpaid. Alternatively, a third-party AV company will bring out exceptionally qualified technicians to come in and provide 100% more value to your production. In-house AV companies have to recoup these costs of keeping a full-time crew employed all year long, while third-parties are able to offer the true experts by only spending on the day they are serving you!

In-house AV companies may be ideal for very small needs such as a microphone and laptop rental—where it may not be economical for a third-party to send a technician out—but as soon as you start adding more to the production, the in-house company starts adding much more to the overall cost.

More expensive and harder to reach, the in-house manager or representative may not be in his/her office any time you run into a problem or have an additional request. With a third-party AV company like Cybis, you’ll have the 24/7 cell phone number of the Producer or Account Executive. We provide 24/7 commitment to the success of your event and 24/7 availability to support you. In-house AV companies may offer the benefit of a salesperson that you can meet and greet in person, but all too often that individual is not even available during your actual event. Your Cybis producer or account executive is happy to meet with you at any location nationwide!

Consider Cybis:
If you have a live event coming up, please contact us right away so we can start the conversation. I want to help deliver the absolute best production possible and help you make the right decisions for your audience, space, and budget!


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