January 10, 2024

If you’re like me, you’ve indulged in “ event stress” once… maybe you craved the rush! Putting out fires, being personally vital to an event’s success, and then celebrating when it was over… and knowing it could not have happened without you! Then, fast forward to your 3rd or 30th event and you realize there has to be a better way!

If your next event is in 6 months, the best solution is to start now! By overpreparing and beginning the process early, you’ll find ways that you can enjoy the event along with your attendees. I can mostly attest to the live general session productions, but believe the same practices apply to all aspects of an event/conference. And the best part is that when you overly prepare, early; you’ll also be reducing stress for your support staff and, ahem, your AV production company! The result: everyone will be excited about your next event and you’ll benefit from an experienced team.

Here are some quick tips and reminders. With events coming back strong, I share them humbly as reminders to myself, too! 🙂

  1. Create a timeline for major milestones. Break down the important tasks into and spread them out over days or weeks, especially the ones that seem to cause the biggest headaches right before or during an event. Place your deadlines on your personal calendar (google calendar is my preference!)
  2. Set high expectations and be ready to roll. At Cybis, we shoot for the stars, to exceed our clients’ expectations in every aspect of the event. Then, when something doesn’t work out exactly as envisioned, our team is the only one who knows and I can relax. When the bar is set high, the client / audience will still be ecstatic!
  3. Bring in the man/womanpower! If you don’t have sufficient staff, it’s time to recruit some friends and family to assist you on-site. PRO TIP: If you still need extra bodies, consider local labor or friendly event companies who can provide experienced support staff for nominal costs. Even Craigslist can help you bring on some very talented people who are just looking for new opportunities.
  4. Plan one solid day to yourself right before your event. Enjoy this moment to clear your mind. PRO TIP: Even if that goal was too lofty, if you plan this way, you’ll appreciate this “bonus day” to tie up any loose ends and still walk into the conference recharged and ready to rock!
  5. Reward yourself and your team. Plan at least one day off, to completely disconnect, after your event. Everyone will be more relaxed on-site knowing a well-deserved break is around the corner.
  6. Thank your team. You’ll want them back next time and a handwritten note or token gift card goes a long way to show appreciation. PRO TIP: Write these weeks in advance because you’re going to want your time off afterwards!
  7. ENGAGE AN EXPERIENCED AND TRUSTED PRODUCTION TEAM. Cybis’ clients appreciate that the show will go on! We own our world of general sessions and strive to minimize your stress at all stages of pre-production and on-site. We know you have a million other things to handle and are proud to help you NOT worry about your shows! : )

It’s so fun to produce and host events! And I’m so excited we get to be together again. By working with intention in the months leading up to each event, Cybis is poised to bring peace of mind to your live event productions. Please contact us today for your 2022 events!

Cheers to stress-free events


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