Chart Your Course

Get ready to sail away on an adventure with Georgia FBLA’s “Chart Your Course” identity.

Get ready to sail away on an adventure with Georgia FBLA’s “Chart Your Course” identity! Pack your bags full of hopes and dreams because the possibilities on this journey are endless. Georgia FBLA students will be inspired to create their own destinations and prepare their sea-legs for a wild ride this year!

We were instantly inspired by nautical tools like compass rose, sea charts, and directional arrows. Note how we’ve incorporated these and other sailing elements throughout the logo! The circular seal we’ve created is Islands of Adventure meets Sperry Top Sider! Instead of going with traditional navy sailor colors, we’ve chosen a spicy coral/salmon color palette paired with a muted sea green to really give it some pop! Our approach to typography was to give a little edge to the design to complement the bright colors. A deep chocolate color gives weight to the wording by allowing it to jump off the face of the compass.

Throughout this logo, you’ll realize some fine touches we’ve added to convey the nautical theme. The A in “Chart” is etched with lines to resemble an old-fashioned drafting compass, heavily used in navigation. At the bottom, we’ve added navigational elements like a distance scale and kept a classic map font for the National Leadership Conference information.

Georgia FBLA provides members with the necessary navigational tools to steer them in the right direction of their goals. Expect further application of this identity to inspire each student to reach for the stars and show them what they must do to get there.

Prepare yourself for adventure as we set sail to the unknown, where anything can happen while you embark on your route to success.

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