Cybis produces memorable videos to engage viewers even after the conclusion of their conferences.

As members come and go through their organization’s multi-day conferences, they are often so caught up in all of the activities that they seem to be over as quickly as they began, with only a blur of amazing memories. Many forget to take time to document such an important part of their journey as students and business leaders. While Cybis strives to create the best experiences possible in the present, the team also aims to capture and preserve the spirited emotions of those that attend.

By having photographers and videographers always around during workshops and presentations, our team is able to seize the happiest faces, most exciting times, and sheer authenticity of these moments. Cybis consolidates the highlights of the event into a video that allows attendees to “ThinkBack” on their experiences leading up to the conclusion of the conference.

While anticipation for the excitement of the closing session grows, the Cybis team works hard to not only put on an entertaining show but also bring all of the greatest moments together. These memories are edited into a ThinkBack video with a moving soundtrack right onsite to present for the hundreds or thousands of attendees. These videos become available online after the event to forever be a part of an organization’s successful journey to professional leadership.

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