With live events on hold, Cybis turns to new alternatives to exceed our clients’ expectations.

With live events temporarily on hold, Cybis has risen to new creative challenges to engage our virtual audiences. From April through May, we began production for five organizations and eight virtual events. Our goal was to create streamed awards shows that would serve as the “next best thing” to experiencing a live Cybis production.

Team Cybis is accustomed to rehearsing and executing productions, together, in perfect synchronized harmony with on-stage talent. Our greatest reward is the immediate feedback from an enthusiastic live audience. On this occasion, we adapted our passion, from our living rooms and kitchen counters, to continue serving Cybis’ mission – to inspire our audience to achieve.

Along with the leadership of our clients, Team Cybis collaborated from across the nation. We produced live streams through a detailed multi-level editing process, revisions, long rendering times, multiple reviews, and stream testing. We produced each virtual show with the same custom motion graphics; special speaker videos; exciting music mixes and professional announcers, that Cybis is known for.

The thousands of viewers who watched and re-watched the sessions confirmed the value this has had for so many. Cybis showed its ability to adapt and conquer the virtual event space for our loyal clients and wonderful student organizations.

There have been multiple positive comments about the quality and professionalism of tonight’s PA FBLA Virtual Awards of Excellence Program. I want to commend you for an outstanding job – well done. This is something that students will remember for a long time as a positive moment in their lives.

Bruce Boncal,
Pennsylvania FBLA Executive Director

As the situation evolves over the next couple months, Cybis is planning more creative approaches to gradually bring the “live” element back to events. We will build custom sets in commercial studios—featuring on-stage leaders in a single location again—and resume bringing our production team together (all with respect to social distancing, of course). These hybrid motivational and awards shows will be streamed live to viewers in their homes but possess much of the same magic as the typical live Cybis production. Featuring original designs, multiple cameras, powerful graphics and custom soundtracks, we are excited to continue making an impact on audiences across the nation.

Of course, we continue to count down the days until audiences can come together again and we hope to be right there with you!

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