Future Forward

Bringing a brand to life from concept to execution.

Our approach to branding is like genealogy.

The heart of your brand is your family crest. It means something. It’s a nod to where you come from, but it also takes a stand about what you stand for — the characteristics of your identity that won’t go away or fade with time as your organization pivots and grows.

“Many companies love their brand, image, and look,” says Cybis Creative Director Clayton Carter. “When your brand is familiar to your customers and competitors, it’s important to include a nod to that design in the lineage of that brand.”

At CYBIS, we call this family crest your brand DNA. It’s the essence of your brand that helps you maintain that balance between consistent and revolutionary, comfortable and competitive. And that’s just the approach we used when developing HOSA’s annual marketing and event Identity “The Future Starts Now.”

HOSA’s clean, futuristic, modern design DNA, resulted in presentations that are clearly HOSA but also clearly the future of health professionals.

Leaning on a brand’s core values, we create full suites of identity products that match a brand’s DNA, conceiving a lineage of familiar, instantly recognizable elements that are also fresh and new.

It may be a little cheesy, but it’s true: every design choice you make is an opportunity to pioneer your future and forge a history you can look back on with pride.

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