Not just a hotel company: Cybis dives into the heart of Hilton to produce videos for their Ignite Marketing Summit

Cybis recently produced video content for a global corporate meeting held by well-known brand, Hilton, which hosted their Marketing Summit in Denver, CO. International members of Hilton’s Marketing Team gathered for an interactive and engaging experience designed to make attendees feel motivated, connected, and inspired.

While the summit was intended to demonstrate the role that marketing plays in moving Hilton forward, Cybis was hired to execute the creative side of the message’s delivery. In the form of a newscast, Hilton hoped to relay some of their points in pre-produced news material that would tie in to the live “news-desk” presentations at the event.

As the Team came up with a series of pre-recorded segments to intertwine with the live production, Cybis was off to shoot D.C.-based interviews with Hilton executives. An action-packed trip full of growth stories, marketing tactics, catering contributions, and value propositions within the Hilton portfolio gave Cybis a plethora of quality content to work with. Simultaneously, other members of the Team produced a professional broadcast-quality animated news opener and ending segment for the newscast. With the swift and skillful development of these videos, The Hilton News Network—later adapted to be Hilton News Today—had finally come to fruition.

We are pleased to have maintained our standard of success in our new partnership with Hilton. Once again, Cybis proved our ability to excel at going above and beyond for our clients with polished corporate communication, exciting creativity, and ambitious enthusiasm to make our productions the best they can be.

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