Not Safe For Work

Cybis gets its hands dirty with some ultra raunchy, but ultra sweet video backdrops for the Pitbull world tour.

They’re raunchy, they’re nasty, and they’re just plain inappropriate to look at while at the office. That is, of course, unless you’re one of the animators at OUR office. In July, 2013 our buddies at Impulse Creative Group and their pal Pitbull hit us up once again with a new challenge posed by Mr. Worldwide. Our mission: to make three new custom video backdrops for three of Pitbull’s classic club anthems… and make them as gratuitously disgusting as possible.

At least that’s what our moms would say about them.

It got a little (ok a lot) awkward around the studio with our creative director asking for more t–t’s and more a-s in the videos… but hey, whatever it takes!-Jeff Kepler, Creative Media Designer

In reality, what we created for Pit’s “Shake It,” “Culo,” and “I Know You Want Me” were ultra hip works of art, featuring bold type, futuristic lines and shapes, dazzling tunnels and transitions… and sure, a little T&A. We’re talking sexy dancers shaking all they’ve got in a variety of tantalizing outfits and poses. Synced dead-on to the music, each video featured parts of the lyrics in big bright text, encouraging concert-goers to sing along.

While the videos’ appeal clearly leaned towards those of us with testosterone pumping through our veins, Pitbull kindly asked that the pieces be tasteful enough for ladies to love. From what we’ve seen of the concert footage, ladies and fellas alike loved the videos just as much as they love the sexy, shiny-headed crooner from Cuba who tied it all together in a concert no one will soon forget.

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