Page Turning Design

Our creative team unleashed a beautiful identity that included program designs, stage mockups, and an animated show opener videos!

Every artist has a mode of media that they excel in. Whether it’s by paint brush, pencil, or mouse… Creativity flows within us all, just waiting for the right moment to escape and bring vibrance to the world. For Georgia FBLA members, their expressive release is through Leadership. They are – Leaders by Design.

Traditional art will always be an important form of illustration but as modern technology advances, one must adapt with the times. We imagine Georgia FBLA as the designer’s workshop – filled with the all the tools behind great leadership design. Some tools are age-old – used for decades by the masters. Some tools are on the cutting edge – involving the latest technology. We’ve represented both old and new by weaving together analog design (paper, pencils, swatches) with digital design (cursors, palettes, work area windows) for a playful allusion.

In this identity, note the custom flowing calligraphy that demands attention while counterbalancing a strong contemporary font with depth and impact as if pressed into the page. The custom color palette takes cues from Crayola and Pantone with playfully themed names – each one denoting traits of FBLA members striving to succeed. Observe the little things embedded into the design like the marquee tool, as well as a balancing act of customizing the L into a pencil for a conventional touch.

Expect further application of the identity to create a tapestry of design through the ages, leading us right up to the twenty-first century of Pantone Color, crop marks, and digital design. Imagine a journey, from concept to creation, that relishes even the little steps – like the enormous impact the seemingly mundane task of choosing a color has on a finished design. Similarly, to a member of Georgia FBLA, the simple act of choosing a competitive event can mean the difference in a good career path and a great one!

So sharpen your pencils and let’s sketch up our future as we introduce our identity for Georgia FBLA – Leaders by Design!

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