Pre-Show Showcase

Cybis provides red carpet treatment to all of our clients and guests… literally.

Cybis is committed to providing red carpet treatment to all of our clients and guests — this year we fulfilled this promise literally at the Business Professionals of America’s National Leadership Conference. Right outside the Anaheim Convention Center Arena in California, we rolled out the red carpet as 6,000 members, advisors, and guests arrived on Opening night.

Fully equipped with a plush red carpet, gold stanchions, and enthusiastic host, everyone entering the arena was greeted like a true celebrity. The entire event was webcast live for those at home to see the excitement; everyone attending or watching remotely could tweet at us, which was also broadcast live. The red carpet pre-show aired for the audience already inside the arena, creating a totally unscripted presentation of enthusiastic members stoked about BPA and the NLC. We brought the lights, cameras, AND action with interviews, shout outs, and chants from states all over the nation.

This event element was just as exciting for Team Cybis as it was the attendees. Having so much energy from so many walks of life made our 45 minutes of red carpet one for the books. Many had never been on a red carpet or been in front of the camera, so this felt like an extraordinary experience for some, including a 3-year member of BPA who elaborated on the scene:

“It’s definitely something I’ve never experienced before, so it’s nice for us small town people to get to see. It’s amazing… definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

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