Primetime Set Design

Versatile stage set puts VIP talent in the primetime spotlight

One of our all-time favorite stage designs, this set raised the bar for student leadership conferences – and broadcast events as well! Our challenge was to create a stage set worthy of the primetime spotlight. It needed to have the feel of a news entertainment program, with the dynamics and diversity of a network awards show – like the Grammys or People’s Choice Awards.

We created exactly that. Our stage was designed to look like the set of a network’s flagship program, divided into three distinct sections. Stage left was a casual area centered around a large high definition screen where on-stage talent could stand and talk as dynamic content filled the screen behind them. Stage right was a peninsula containing a sleek podium. Center stage was a larger mixed-use area. We positioned two comfortable chairs facing each other for segments meant to replicate the intimacy of a primetime talk-show. At other points, the chairs were removed to open up the stage for a keynote speaker. Behind this area was a large projection screen that provided the camera shots with an array of energetic background textures.

As icing on the cake, the set was layered with a spectrum of moving lights, backlit panels, intricate trussing and a surrounding grid-wall. From this nerve center, the officers and keynotes delivered two sessions worth of high-octane entertainment and inspiration, driven with a suite of high-end, 3D infused package graphics and immersive sound. The next few pages will give you an idea of what our package of stage and show elements looked like… but to experience it in full HD, you had to be there!

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