The Mall at Millenia International Campaign

We’ve gone global with the Mall at Millenia’s International Campaign; which targets markets in Colombia, U.S. Brazil, UK, and China.

The Mall at Millenia calls Orlando home, but attracts visitors from all across the globe. We shot an exclusive promotional campaign for one of the top 10 malls in the world; showcasing its world-class luxury and proving that it’s a shopping destination for audiences both domestic and abroad. We produced five 30 second and 2 minute commercials targeting audiences in Brazil, the U.K., China, Latin America, and of course, the U.S.

The Mall at Millenia isn’t just known for their lineup of world-renowned luxury brands, but for their exceptional customer amenities as well. When we took this on, our Director/Creative Producer was thrilled!

I really connected with this project because fashion is important to me. The Mall at Millenia is like the Rodeo Drive of Orlando, and that’s why I shop there. When I found out we would get to create a spot that reflected the fashion and experience the Mall at Millenia provides, I knew we would produce something really cool.
-Sean O’Hara, Director/Creative Producer

We wanted to focus on the everyday aspects of the Mall, and not just the tourist draws. Luckily, when you see high end brands such as Versace and Cartier, you don’t need to speak Italian or French to get the message across. Our cinematic edits lets the audience sit back and absorb the action; and then plan their next visit to sunny Orlando!

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