Trailer Style

Cybis creates an epic movie trailer style promo for FBLA and wins an Oscar®. Well, not quite an Oscar®, but close enough!

In a world…
where movie trailer editing…
is an art form all its own…
one company…
knew what needed to be done…
and dared to go there…

Inspired by the magical, action-packed, and absolutely riveting movie trailers that rocked movie theaters and Apple TVs across the nation in the summers of 2009-2011, the Cybis creative team wanted in on the action. Our target: the 2012 FBLA National Leadership Conference promo. In an effort to break the mold for student leadership promos, we all agreed that a simple but dramatic trailer would really add mystery, intrigue and intensity to FBLA’s premier annual event.

The strategy: find a driving orchestral soundtrack worthy of a Hollywood tentpole feature, then combine it with potent, weighty copy, slow motion footage, strong (but simple) titles and one heck of a lot of floating particles. The result: we’d created, in just a matter of days, a bombastic, mindboggling trailer that gave the studio goose bumps on its maiden play.

Months later, we’d have the opportunity to submit several of our projects for judging in the 2012 Communicator awards – an award for successes in advertising, branding and video production. After several weeks of waiting, nail-biting and anticipation we got the letter we’d been waiting for! Our video had won an Award of Excellence in the category of promotion! It came with a nice shiny silver trophy.
We added it to our collection and agreed to never put out work that isn’t worthy of either silver or gold bad boys.

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