Shortly after wrapping our work with Pitbull for his performance on X-Factor’s 2012 season finale, Impulse Creative group handed us the opportunity to build the look and feel for Pit’s very own New Year’s “finale” concert, to be held in Miami. Inspired by one of his more devious lyrics the theme was, cleverly, What Happens in Miami Never Happened.

Just weeks before the event we met with Impulse to get the scoop on Pitbull’s tastes and desires for this hallmark brand. They were looking for a mix of high-class and club-trash. It needed to feature Pitbull prominently and weave together elegant text, sexy ladies and all the accouterments of a swanky new year’s blowout.

Pitbull wanted the identity to have the swank of a club flyer, with the class of a bottle of Voli Vodka – the brand he represents.-Clayton Carter, Creative Director

We delivered. The logo featured a glitzy Miami skyline, bottles of Voli Vodka, and fireworks all anchored by a dapper Pitbull in shades, flanked by silhouettes of his enchanting entourage of dancers. It was a number one hit. We quickly animated it for the concert’s HUGE screen just in time for rehearsals and the live broadcast. Pitbull himself called it “Sexy.” #ithappened

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