December 6, 2023

We and our team of event professionals rely on various established protocols from creating a comprehensive event schedule and leveraging management software in the pre-production phase to on-site rehearsals and strategic teamwork, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring memorable experiences for our audiences.

Pre-Production and Advance Prep: This phase involves activities such as scripting, diagramming, equipment setup, and logistics planning. Thorough pre-production ensures that all necessary arrangements are in place, including staging, lighting, sound systems, and video displays. Attention to detail during this phase helps mitigate potential issues and guarantees a seamless event experience.

Cybis Show Overview: This comprehensive checklist / event schedule serves as a blueprint for our success. It outlines critical milestones, tasks, and deadlines, ensuring that every aspect of the event is accounted for. After years of producing events, we have developed this document to include everything necessary for every event—from communicating with venues and clients to designing graphics and banners—so there just aren’t things we suddenly remember to do at the last minute.

Task Management Software: By centralizing task lists, communication, deadlines, and deliverables, our team can maintain real-time visibility into project progress, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed on time. Utilizing this kind of software allows us to streamline event planning and execution, and has enabled efficient task delegation, tracking, and collaboration among team members.

Team Management Software: Team Cybis makes our events happen. They play a vital role in everything from gear selection and setting up, to show execution and stage teardown. Establishing clear communication channels, setting expectations, and providing comprehensive documentation are essential for getting our team on the same page.

SOPs and Documentation: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and documentation provide a framework for consistency and best practices in everything we do at Cybis. SOPs outline step-by-step guidelines for various event-related and company processes, including travel booking, documentation management, on-site role requirements, and post-event evaluation. Documenting workflows, checklists, and contingency plans ensures that our event teams can replicate successful strategies and continuously improve future events.

On-Site Rehearsals: Whether it’s a corporate conference or non-profit student event, conducting thorough rehearsals allows our team and all special guests to familiarize themselves with the event flow and address any technical or logistical challenges ahead of time. Anyone who appears on a Cybis stage requires a rehearsal—regardless of whether they are a professional speaker or not!—because there are always last minute questions or hiccups about where they should walk on stage or how a presenter should hook up their computer. Getting this advance time and communication with on-stage talent allows us to minimize “doing it live!”

The results of our careful planning, thorough rehearsals, meticulous pre-production, efficient task management, and adherence to SOPs and documentation has helped our team maximize our potential for creating remarkable event experiences. Cybis continues to exceed attendee expectations and secure clients who trust us year after year. Not only are we professionals in the event space, but our decades of experience have lead us to develop these systems in order to execute stellar events every time!


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