Purple Feather Awards 2014

Cybis celebrates the end of a successful year by rewarding those who make it all happen.

Once a year Team Cybis comes together to raise a glass, celebrate our accomplishments and recognize our talented team members who make it all happen. Cybis has been growing by leaps and bounds, so much that for our Fourth Annual Awards, it was time to upgrade from Jeff’s elegant abode. This year it was held at the swanky Aloft Hotel in downtown Orlando. Guests were greeted with a festive room full of dazzling lights and memorable photos from the year flashing across the screen.

After appetizers and mingling, many of us grabbed our drinks and meandered over to our painting stations. The multi-talented Cat Solano set up 26 painting stations to teach us how to create our own purple feather. With a whisk of the brush and kind words from our friends, we all became fabulous artists.

In between the rounds of painting, we celebrated the highly anticipated awards. Some winners were definite shoe-ins, while others were pleasantly surprised. Everyone cheered as the best of the best strutted across the stage to pick up their award and snap a selfie with Jeff. Outstanding individuals are awarded with an illustrious purple feather in the categories of “Best Leader,” “Print Designer of the Year,” “Intern of the Year” and many more!

The night ended with a White Elephant Gift Exchange. (The Bailey’s Liquor was the most popular stolen gift …no surprise there!) The evening was definitely a huge success! A very big thank you to all of those who helped plan and execute the party!

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