Social Engineering

As social media grows in importance, Cybis infuses the trend into student organization promotions.

When FBLA approached Cybis to produce a brand new membership recruitment promo video to attract future business leaders, we were just plain giddy to hear they wanted it to tie in with their recent surge into social media. Our angle: make Facebook a living, evolving world that we could fly a camera through and watch the world of FBLA unfold before our eyes.

Combining four days worth of FBLA-PBL interviews with dynamic and kinetic graphics, we built a masterpiece featuring the rich visual world of Facebook and the rich tapestry of FBLA’s success in building leaders. The story of FBLA plays out across news feeds, wall posts, photo comments and more – positioning the organization on the cutting edge, and connecting with students on their level.

Staying true to the Facebook UI, while making it timeless and seamless with FBLA’s brand, was the real challenge, but with clever camera angles and motions, we’re able to keep the Facebook bits subtle, but clearly recognizable.
-Clayton Carter, Creative Director

The creative team was successful bringing a ton of value to the piece by creating a product with great shelf-life for the organization.

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